Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pastor went into the Gospel Principles class he loved it so much

this week was really good honestly i don't remember a lot of it, I remember there was something that stood out to me this week though, i think it was last week that we were walking in the street and a Pastor came and contacted us, he is really friendly and pretty nice, he basically wanted to see what we were about I think, in the contact he mention that he felt something to talk to us, my companion saw a lot of potential in him i think and gave him a book of Mormon, he invited us to his house and so later we went, I did talk about him last week i think i remember now but the cool thing is on Saturday this week we came back and he told us that he received revelation that his Church is not true and that the Lord was telling him not to take that path, it was interesting because he was not in his Pastor clothes and he kept on asking sincere good questions. My companion is very good at seeing potential in other people and I am glad that we had set up a visit. Obviously we invited him to Church. then later when Church was starting my companion called him up, he said that he was back in his other Church. well okay, I think that maybe if I wasn't sitting there listening to pure truth in the true Church maybe my testimony would have faltered a little, i tried to keep my faith strong and just like ice that brakes in the cold if your faith doesn't sink by the weight the cracks in logic fill in through time, I am not trying to make a profound expression here I just don't know how to explain this perfectly, I was in the moment where I was just wondering hm well thats weird how is it that this man of faith has returned to the Church God told him is wrong, still I don't know. Later yesterday we did a division because we had a meeting today for district leaders and so on so that night I met up with a missionary from another area he listened to what I had to say about what I just wrote and then told me that he had a similar experience yesterday to. He had miraculously found a pastor yet in his story the guy didn't trust so much what they taught him, he told me, they taught with power and authority and the pastor came to Church,this guy came to Church, leap of faith right. the priesthood meeting the Pastor was slightly confused, I am just going to tell you the lesson was more oriented towards priesthood holders and it included a demonstration but when the Pastor guy went into the Gospel Principles class he loved it so much he stood and boor his testimony of the truthfulness of this Church and set him self a baptismal date. 
well there is always something for those who wait with patience and faith. I learned about that in one of my studies as well this week.
well love you and keep on doing the things that make you happy, I liked the quote you gave Mom

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