Thursday, August 27, 2015

the Savior first healed the man spiritually by forgiving his sins and then healed him physically, enabling him to stand and walk

well this week was a good one, last Tuesday was cool because we taught a couple that are investigation the Church now, they are really nice and the sister really wants to learn and progress, they both have good desires in life and we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the lesson and it went really well, I hope they actually pray and use their faith they still haven't come to Church their names are w and g, then we managed to get into another house and it was a sort of less active guy but he really does have a bit of trouble coming to Church, when I came and meet him I remember we gave him a blessing that he would heal according to his faith or something like that then in the lesson I was able to tell him he would have the necessary health as he showed his faith and came, this Sunday he showed up and it was super cool, he was able to attend all 3 meetings and I didnt expect that, he has a lot of faith in coming to the first meeting because he can only sit for a certain amount of time, he mentioned in the lesson however that he feels like he is healing up a bit. then Wednesday honestly i dont remember super well but it was a day where we got to contact and walk a lot, that was sort of the main part of these past days here, they are fun to see if you get into to someone´s house, in concepcion it seemed a lot easier, it feels like I am in level 2 here of my mission it is challenging at times but I think it is just as easy as level one because I have improved. We have been visiting members a lot lately , we have been trying to work with members more in all of the mission. now is the time that we do that, sometimes you forget how easy it may be to mention to a freind something about the Gospel, who knows if they would be interested. yesterday we were just talking with a really great member who was a little reluctant to give a pamphlet to her freind and I was just thinking that I would have been the same if I were not a missionary, i would not have realized how much easier it is to accept a pamplet from a friend that says hey this is a really cool thing that helped me I thought you might want to take a look at it. instead of listening to a missionary that looks like he is trying to sell you something and convince to come to Church. anyway  yesterday, was really awesome we have meeting some of the goals we have set as a district and it is rewarding for me to see that many came on their own , without us having to invite them I dont think i would have wished for a better way of them coming, when they take initiative, that is another thing they are talking about in the mission, take initiative, and it is interesting how important that is in missionary work. so I think that is a fair enough summary of what has happened this week also I have grown in my personal testimony as well, I am constantly working on no doubts it seems but the help always comes as I turn to the Lord in faith, He has never let me down and I know that He lives and that the Church is true. I know that faith is essential in having a strong testimony, you can see all the miracles you want and with out faith deny what light you have.´´ in Mark 2:1–12, four faithful friends lowered a man with the palsy through a roof to be healed by Christ. In response to this act of faith, the Savior first healed the man spiritually by forgiving his sins and then healed him physically, enabling him to stand and walk.
´´When we approach the Savior in faith, He is anxious to bless us with even more than we seek. The man and his friends may have requested physical healing, but a loving Savior, knowing the man’s heart and greatest needs, granted what was sought and more. He will do that for us also if we are not of little faith.´´
. well I love you guys have a good children´s day and keep on serving and stuff, I still rember a lot of the service that was done for me from years back. 

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