Tuesday, May 26, 2015

best way to learn and teach, humility

well how are you. the work is going good, i feel like this change here can be a good one, i feel that this time we may harvest the labors or however its said I cant remember to well. we have a good number of potential people, so my companion just got a call a couple of minutes ago and a member said she has some friends that want to hear the missionaries so hopefully they want to hear the Gospel. also yesterday we were just doing some contacting and me and my companion like to contact I have learned to love the people more that I don't know, this time we passed by some cool youngens that wanted to hear a bit and have potential to progress, one had a cool experience with sincere prayer and his dad is doing better, anyway the cool part is that they were found and if we didn't listen to the promptings of the Spirit we would be in a different spot. the Spirit is such a powerful part to the work it outnumbers odds and leads us to the very spot of the Lord`s desire, yesterday we would not have walked by them if we didn't listen to the Spirit.my companion is a good example of having courage and doing what the Lord wants of us. He has taught me a lot by just following the Savior, that is the best way to learn and teach, humility. It is very hard but worth it to follow the Spirit in many cases, and I am learning here daily that, failure and trying again and all that stuff but there is always a way to try again, just on that note there was a cool less active we had found yesterday also. He must have been so happy inside when he took a bit of courage to listen and we talked about faith and repentance and I feel that he really was happy to hear that, he said that he was going to read in the Book of Mormon we gave him, he managed to lose his other after being inactive about 15 years. this simple visit could have changed his life, i really feel that he learned or felt something in the visit, he just said something like ``thanks and hm,`` the little things bring lots of blessings. 
I know that the Lord is always there, the humble have answers to their prayers, the love that can be felt outweighs fear and faith is one thing we have to use to accomplish our goals. I know that prayer can have an amazing role in our lives, we can come to know the Savior more and live like Him, happy and free from sin. I think if anyone is having trouble they should pray, I have noticed that the Lord is very concerned with my problems and all, but he helps us as we walk blindly based on what is felt. 
here is an interesting scripture I read in Alma 21:12 is interesting, this is typical
16,17 this is what usually comes then 22:4 where is he and 3 check it out same idea as ammon, he understands that serving him would be serving the Lord. 
love you

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