Monday, May 11, 2015

the work of Salvation is the best work I will ever do

Well isn´t summer coming up, I like that time of year when it is slightly cold out side. Well this week was good for me, I am really enjoying the work here, it can be really rewarding, it reminds me of what I read in my study today in Mosiah where his sons and Alma the younger want to go on a misión and they want to go just to ensure nobody feels as low as they did when they didnt have the Gospel, not only did they have the desire but they went and did it, that is really showing faith, they went to their dad and asked if they could go. then mabye you can imagine being the dad that prays to see if your kids can go to serve in a dangerous looking country and then trusting the answer that they will all be fine and going and telling them that. I certainly have not aquired quite the same humility and desire of the sons of Mosiah or Alma but the more my faith grows it feels like missionary work becomes more desirable. I think that the work of Salvation is the best work I will ever do. Yesterday we contacted a guy that seemed to drink a lot but as we talked to him I sort of felt like he was understanding more and he told us that he felt the Spirit, then he started telling us that nobody really has faith that lives around him and he was crying and stuff because he remembers when he used to be so much happier when he went to church and then one day his old church kicked him out for some sort of sin he did. He really was able to feel good listening to the message from the Lord, of yes it is posible to repent, I found in my study today some useful tips to help people with addictions so hopefully we can find him and he can apply them. I know the Savior can help us if we allow Him into our lives I feel like my life is being well taken care of by His power much through you guys
and especially to Mom not because it is Mother´s day but I just had on my mind some of the time that you had felt inspired to teach me things or pray or ask questions that helped my Spirit grow, I am not sure where I would end up without that help earlier on in my life. so thanks a lot love you and have a good start of summer.

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