Wednesday, May 20, 2015

prepared many people to hear and receive the word

Well it has been a good one, the change went really fast this time but it had a lot of good times. One highlight of this past week was when we were on a division in this area and we were out contacting, I felt the Spirit guiding me until we walked past a house where there was an investigator that seemed pretty golden was standing in her front yard just as we had found her at the first of this change, of course we walked over to greet her after passing so many times before and never seeing her there. Then it turned out that she walked inside and a friend took her place and told us she was sick, that made me sick almost hearing that, it was a lame excuse made probably to reject us just as had happened recently on another division here with another golden looking investigator. I knew it should not have got me down but it made me feel a little mad that people all seem to just reject the best thing in this life, I sort of thought of Alma when he went around preaching and the people rejected him, then the Lord sent help, I read that chapter today in my study. Anyway at this time we just keep using this time up to find people, and I saw the Lord bless me a lot, He has prepared many people to hear and receive the word. We found a investigator that is really receptive that day and wanted to listen, and we had a really spiritual lesson with a part member family that is usually not there and it really helped her I think and certainly me too, with my testimony, knowing the church is true in my opinion, is important but there is a lot more of a testimony to gain if that is all you have. I have a better testimony now that the Lord is aware of our cares and feelings and that He prepares people. 
this week has gone really good I am enjoying things here the more I learn and try and recognize that I am not really doing the work just my part thats all.

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