Monday, October 27, 2014

The Book of Mormon particularly teach all men to do good/ knowledge is often or always is one of the blessings of obedience

I loved this week but it went by way too fast.
Early in the week we were out at this one apartment complex with brother Ajayi (he's a member from Nigeria and he's really awesome). we saw some kids playing street soccer. Brother Ajayi had to talk to them. He loves soccer. He played soccer in Nigeria professionally division 1. Later that night with him we went and saw a guy named Mike. He's a cool older guy. We were able to talk about the blessings of the restoration and eternal families. Brother Ajayi has such a good testimony. It was really spiritual. Later during the week We had some other really good lessons. On Friday we had sister ward out with us to teach a lady named Lauren. She really liked having sister ward there. They were able to talk a lot and relate a lot during the lesson. Things work out so good in missionary work when members are involved. We're really focusing on doing that in the work in this ward. We have at least one member lined up to come out each day this week. Our ward is really supportive. We also have a really awesome ward mission leader. On Saturday we helped 2 people move and on the second one we crossed paths with another guy who was moving so we helped him move a few things and got his info to come teach him later. He was a really awesome guy. It's cool how you can always find ways to do missionary work. Some people think you need to be out proselyting or wearing a white shirt and tie to do it but I've noticed that successful missionaries have a missionary attitude and you don't have to be a full-time missionary to have that attitude. One of the members that was moving with us is really good at having that personality. He just talks with everyone and somehow the gospel seems to have came up when I heard him doing this. He's awesome.
The other night we were out trying some people and as we walked by this guy he yelled out, "do y'all get payed?" We told him that we volunteer and that we were missionaries and then he started asking more and more questions and we started to notice he wasn't really sincere in them--more just trying to argue. As we talked and he asked the questions in an argumentative way we were actual able to answer them all really well and he stumbled over his words a bit and got frustrated and after a little more talk he walked away. He left upset and didn't seem to have listened to the testimonies we had given him or the invitations. We left a bit confused at why or how people could be so full of anger. Elder Chamberlain said he noticed that the guy was recording the conversation on his phone I think he was thinking he would ask us really hard questions and go and post it on his facebook or something...  I guess it was kind of funny. One thing I was thinking about though is just that even the simple testimony that comes from a witness of the Holy Ghost can confound the world and cannot be taken away by anyone. I think it's in 1 cor. 2 probably verses 8-12 or something that talks about how the things of God are taught through the Spirit of God. The gospel is so good and if studied and applied it only brings greater inner peace and a greater understanding of God and His plan and His love for us. It brings so much good! It's odd how much opposition there is against it. I love chapter 33 of 2 nephi verses 10 through the rest of the chapter. Nephi puts it well when he says that the teachings of the Book of Mormon particularly teach all men to do good. I hope just like he did that everyone can learn these things and have the blessings that come from them. here are a few good scriptures on my mind:John 12:35-36; D&C 50:24; 93:28; Alma 12:9-10; 1 Nephi 10:19.
well, love y'all!
Elder Russell

So this week was good, I ate crocodile and parana they are both good. if they didnt tell me what they were i would think they were just meat and fish
 we find dead frogs on the road all the time. it is still pretty hot here i think they said it was 51 degrees celcius about a week ago, yeah i guess they do know what Halloween is here they just dont do very much and not everyone knows about it, today we carved watermelons, they have a ton of interesting fruits here and the nice thing is they are almost ripe so we will be able to eat mangos and things when we walk down the street, a couple of days ago me and my companion grabbed a fruit from a tree because we didnt know what it was and are hands are blue still from touching it!! All is good.
I know that we all have a Heavenly Father or He has us because we are part of His plan, we can live the way He wants us to or use our agency to mess ourselves up but we won´t mess up the plan, the only bad we can do to others is temporary and the good we do can last forever. This week I have learned more just like every week here. I would say I learn more when I try to obey more, I think knowledge is often or always is one of the blessings of obedience.yeah that reminds me of a scripture in D and C 93:28 I think that is the one thing that goes well with that. Elder Francis M. Lyman taught: “Every Latter-day Saint is entitled to this witness and testimony. If we have not received [it] … the fault is ours, and not the Lord’s; for every one is entitled to that witness through faith and repentance, forsaking all sin, baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, and the reception of the Holy Ghost through the laying on of hands. Now, if any of our brethren and sisters have lived for years without really knowing, being thoroughly satisfied and thoroughly convinced, just as positive as of anything in life, that this work is of God, if they have lacked that witness and testimony it is their fault, for it is not possible for a man to do the will of the Father and not know the doctrine.” I think that would be really cool if everyone knew that, they are the ones who put in the effort, Heavenly Father never leaves you it is always us who have to choose to leave. I have seen that in a few of the people we have been teaching, I feel the Spirit prompt me often as I teach and I see often that what I think is not nearly as good as what the Spirit prompts me to do in teaching. I am beginning to see more that the plan includes many chances for us to learn, we just have to exercise faith. Being a missionary is actually simpler than many people think you basically just have to invite people. 
Well I love you all,
Elder Seffker

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