Monday, October 20, 2014

families can be so happy from this gospel / hang on to your testimony

So I guess it wasn't too long since I emailed last so I'll just give a little update.
We had a pretty funny thing happen last night. It was pretty late but we had time to try one more person and so we went to go see this guy named Leon who had requested a Bible. He soon pulled out his "family bible that [had been] passed down from generation to generation" (but it probably wasn't more than 30 years old at most). It was the king james version special edition--blackness in the bible. We were looking through it with him and he was telling us all the things he learned from it that most people didn't know. It was pretty interesting. haha, just ask me about it after my mission cuz I can't say it all on here. I am so glad we have the Book of Mormon along with the Bible to confirm important truths. I love the gospel. Recently I have been extra committed to reading the Book of Mormon and studying it each day. I love that Book!
The other day we had this awesome member out with us named brother Ajai. He's from Nigeria. I could tell when I first met him and from special skills I gained back in my first area of the mission I asked him, "do you speak Yoruba?" He was really excited and said, "Yes! How you know that?!" We loved being out with him. He is so positive. we have been spending some good time with the members. Yesterday we had out two youth with us and got to teach some people with them. The other day we met with a family from the ward and they are so awesome! They remind me of y'all. They have 8 kids in there family under 16. They are an awesome family. Elder Chamberlain and I were talking about them after and we were just thinking that families can be so happy from this gospel. oh and that reminds me of the Alexanders. Their confirmation went so good! Brother Alexander also was ordained a priest on Sunday. They told us they didn't know they could ever be this happy as a family. They loved that Book of Mormon that was sent. Thanks.
Well, I love y'all! The gospel is great. I know it's true. We can learn more about who we are, about how to become better men and women, and how to have greater joy in this gospel than any other source in the world from this gospel.
Love, Elder Russell

Hello how is it going the s key works so this should make some more sense. It looks like you went rock climbing I hope you all had fun. So about packages and letters like I have said they come usually in 6 week periods because we live about 4 hours from the mission home, so the last letter I read was the one where Jared went to RYLA camp, when I got that letter I also got one at the same time that was of him asking what RYLA was like ha ha. 
You want to know what the houses are like here, well they are just like Elder Russel´s new apartment, just kidding!!!
no actually they are pretty simple, most have doors at least around here, lots of them are made from wood and some sort of cement or bricks, most of the houses have floors. mostly houses are for living here, when they want to do something fun they usually go out side and play. I wouldnt say that there is tremendous poverty here, most people have the basics and are pleased with that.  
So do a lot of people here drink? yep they tend to waist time here drinking beer on the weekends, at least a lot of them and then pretty much everyone drinks another thing called dedede. Its a combination of water and this sort of herb which is pretty much grass. they waist time just like people in america waist time watching t.v. and other things like that. actually a lot of them have a small t.v. too. yep a lot of people with smart phones live in dirt floor houses. 
   Also thanks for writing your testimonies on your letters too, it seems like you have a good testimony of Joseph Smith, hang on to your testimony.  I miss you amigo Johnny but before you know it you´ll be on a mission too. so they tell me that your doing good stuff, just keep doing what you have been if you follow to close in the footsteps of the person in front of you, it is impossible to see what is happening, I think you are doing good at following Jesus Christ, I love to read the testimonies on your letters, He is the only person you can trace the footsteps and never mess up. I think you are a good example of that John. Scott If I could give myself advise for when I was your age I might say just relax and be yourself, the important things will come from good choices. what is funny is at that time the Spirit prompted me with that same advice, something that I didnt really understand at that time, to be yourself is super important, I know you are smart enough to understand my advice probably better than I did, so yeah there you go. keep on doing good things, that is really good that you are doing drawing lessons now with Becca I know those are things that get remembered, remember that. Are you accustomed to your new living quarters now, its pretty nice to have your own pad eh?  
Family thanks for your letters and praying for me so much, in a way that is like missionary work because you are helping a missionary. well love you guys  Elder Seffker

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