Wednesday, October 15, 2014

sshare our testimonies / He loves his family so much.

well how are you doing, I am doing good, right now I am typing on a ssssskeyboard that is broken so everys time I hit the sss keys than it typesss a ton of sss sssso ssss. thanks for sending pictures it is fun to see how you sguys are doing, you must be getting ready for halloween, they don´t do that here I am not sure what they sssssssssssssdoss sbut I dont really like candy that much anyways. this week has sbeen a good one sa couple of days ago I sgot to be a witness for a baptism, I scould sfeel the ssSpirits befores the ssbaptism then in church the next day we got to see her get confirmed. sMosms sorry sI swill buy a cameara soon ssI just need to find one  ssssyesterday ssssI ssaw ssa pretty cool thing the moon was completely red, we were helping a sister with her suitcases at night because she is going home today and her bus left at 11:30 something interesting was that searlier that day well actually I will tell you later but that is one of the signs of the times and its seems there are many that are happening and have happened. It is really a cool thing that we can live now and sshare our testimonies of the gospel as ssthe second coming is getting close,  This week has been a good learning experience for me sssssssssssI ss am learning to focus more on others and the Lord blesses me as I sdo this. sjust the other day we were out contacting and we went up to a house and clapped( they sdont knock here they clap) and no one was theres but sI shad a feeling to cross the street, I sloosked over and there were some speople talking at the house across the street, they were talking in Guarani so sit sounded like stwo old people ssfighting ssssbuts we swalked around athe tree and saw these three sprobaby ssssss18 or sso year old gusys sbrake dancing on some cardboard in their yard, sssthey must of been pretty good because my companion said something and then sone of them sjust jumped up and did a back flip ssshe sdid sssnt even have to run or anything it was cool and suprising ssbut i feel like wwhen syou are a missionary you slearn to expect the usnexpected things more, ansywasy sssssssssssssss we started to talk to them about the Restoration and they seemed pretty sssssreceptivesssss, swe have taught some people ssjust like that also this week. Yesterday ssssssssssswe taught a bunch of ddrunk guys in about a ten minitue lesson because they just could not listen very ssmuch ha ha it swas sssssssort of funny ssssssbut smabye it stinks when you see people waisting money to make themselves look and act wsorse, hopefullsy they read some of the spamplets that swes gave thems, they each asked for one. the gospel helps with all problems, we also taught a family, it was actually more like three adults but I thinsk they are relateds, it was a really great lesson, Ism pretty sure it was syesterday that we taught it. sssssssssss one of them shad a beer too ha ha but his daughter walked ssby and knocked it over on accidentssssssssssss, he didnt sseem the care though, I swonder if it is because he was feeling the Spirit. s
sssssssssso  just a couple of days ago we bought some watermelons from this lady, I was thinking wow carrying these watermelons all the way to our appartment is rough but it will all be worth it because we can eat these pslus its missionary work ssbecause she is less active haa ha. so when we started to eat them the first half was good but sby the time we were able to eat the other halves it tasted like manyonase, sso leason learned dont refridgerate watermelons also another fun fact dont refridgerate bananas too. ssoh yeah yesterday I smade some banana milk stuff the recipie sis pretty rigourous but ill take the libery of explaining it if any of you advanced cooks want to attempt it. s1.s freeze some bannanas 2. ssssget some cold smilkss3. sblend them together 4. if your dad you add lots of cream or sugar 5. serve it up 
so sssssssssssssssshopefully Melissa can send me some recipies some time, there ahave been some instances when it would have been useful to know how to make bread or pancakes, actually walfless. ss
also another fun fact they have glow bugs shere the ssones I have seen are green. they also ahave a lot of frogs, you find them shriveled up on the road all the time. 
the church is true, it is cool to hear about the miracles and cool things going on with you all. hopefully I dont have to use this keyboard again. Love sysou Elder SSSSSeffker

One of Elder Russell's suitcases!! He loves to study!

The Alexander Family

So this last week for a little update I'll start by telling you where I got transferred to. I'm now in the Memorial Park 1st ward. We're the only missionaries in the ward and the ward is awesome! They are so solid. the members are on the ball in this ward. 
It was really hard to leave my last area though. I love those members and the people in that area. I've been there since December last year. That's a while. This will be my third area of the mission. So, this area is right next door to Herman park--which is the area I started my mission in and was in for a really long time. I love it! Seeing some of the familiar faces that i've missed will be soooo good! I know the area a little bit but some of it I'm still really really unfamiliar with. My area has a bit of downtown Houston in it and is mostly city. I love the area. Everything is great in it! IT was really hard to leave Elder Theis.  I love him. He was so good to serve with. We had the best time of our lives! My new companion is really awesome too. His name is Elder Chamberlain. He's from the Delta area of Utah. He's really mature so that might be good for me because i'm not really haha. He's a brand new missionary. He's older though. He's a genius. I think I'll learn a lot from him. We wants to work hard, he wants to be obedient, and has great desires. We're going to have a great time. 
I got to go back to my old ward on Sunday because of the Alexander's baptism (you get to go back for baptisms), and I'm actually going to go back this sunday too because they want me to confirm some of them too. I'll tell you how the baptism went. Really, looking back it seems like one of the most happy times of my life. It was such a good peaceful day. I don't think I'll ever forget all of us dressed in white there together. There was a lot of ward support and the service was good. The Alexanders were so ready and prepared for it. Brother Alexander is amazing. I love their whole family but he just has some of the greatest love I've ever seen someone have. He loves his family so much. I baptized Bobby and Donna and Elder Theis and Brother Hayes (a member) baptized the others. After each were baptized when we were getting ready to go back in the room where we were meeting we talked with Bobby. He felt the Spirit so much. I can't explain how incredible that was. When we met back together again we sang the song, "Nearer My God To Thee" for the closing hymn. Me and Elder Theis couldn't sing because of the emotions that were there. I don't think words could put how amazing that experience was but the music of that song described it best. I love that family. They are such a great example to anyone who will look at what they have done recently in their lives. They sincerely sought for truth and found it. They considered it, prayed about it, and when God showed them the path lighted up they followed it. It we could all be more like this amazing family the world would be zion. I love this gospel.
I don't have a ton of time to explain much more about the week now but I might have time next week haha.
We also had a seventy come this week. His name was Elder Schwitzer. He was great. He was really cheerful, that's what I noticed about him. He taught us some great stuff. Mom, sister Schwitzer said to tell you thanks for having me take piano lessons.

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