Tuesday, November 4, 2014

perfect timing / Spirit is the teacher

This past week has been great. It went way too fast. It's getting a lot cooler now down here. One morning it was 50 degrees! But then during the day it gets back up to the 70's. Man, that's too chilly!
So this last week we got to do some good service. One project we helped sister Shong (a member from my first ward on the mission) at a prairie behind a school. It was so good to see her! Her and her husband were some of the most amazing members in that ward. It was really great to be there again. I don't know if I mentioned that my area is next door to my area that I started out in the mission in. Another project we helped out with was at a girlscout program thing. We were at a station teaching the girls how to do lashing. Elder Chamberlain and I had to brush up a bit on how to do it before. I can't believe how many knots I forgot haha. I guess I didn't know a ton before but... It was really good though except we didn't get any girlscout cookies.
We also had a really good lesson with a guy named Adrian. We had an awesome member there with us. Adrian really wants to change his life around but he seems to be wanting to talk about it more than do it.
The other night we had a really cool experience. We had previously gone through some really old records of people missionaries had seen in this area. We pulled out a few names that we felt we should try. One of those names was a lady who we tried lastnight. We stopped by and she welcomed us in. She said she didn't know why the missionaries stopped coming but it had been about a year. She was going through a really hard time in life and it was perfect timing for us to come by.
On Saturday we ate dinner at brother Ajayi's house. He fed us Fufu. (I don't know exactly how to spell it. It's a food they eat in Nigeria). It was really good. It's a type of potatoe thing mashed up into a substance with a similar texture to bread dough. You put meat and sauce over it. The meat included some other intestines and stuff but it was way good. It was pretty spice which made it even better. Brother Ajayi is awesome.
We also had a ward trunk or treat on Wednesday. That was good. It's great to be around everyone in the ward.
Well. I love y'all! Have a good week.
Elder Russell

So  Mom yeah the missionary work is going really good, I would say you are right, you can not teach people unless you love them, because really the Spirit is the teacher and if you dont try to really help them then it is not going to go as well, yeah Daniel is doing really good i think, i fasted that he would be able to come to church and he came it was really cool, him me and my companion and another recent convert named estanizlou fasted for that last week too. this week estanizlou got to pass the sacrament for the first time. ha i hope that retainer makes it someday  love you Elder Seffker

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