Monday, October 6, 2014

faith leads to obedience / I felt my thigh twitching a little bit

hello yeah I listened to conference in english it was all good.
did you like the talk by Elder Bednar, I liked that and the one by Lynn G Robbins they were all good though, When you are on a mission conference is really exciting, some people compare it to the super bowl. It sort of is like that, we all gather around the TV and start to cheer when someone drops the cane. ha ha except it is a bit different because when someone says something profound we all drop are heads to write it down. and the Spiritual parts are more intense than a football game.
This week has been a good one my Spanish has improved a bit, not a ton but as I have opened my mouth and the Spirit prompts me with things I know how to say. Even with my limited vocab, and when I listen to the Spirit my abilities increase. 
 It is funny, so much happens every week but when i look at the computer screen the week disappears I can´t remember anything.
One thing I do remember , yeah Daniel was baptized he is just working a lot now so it is really hard for him to make it to things like church and conference, sadly his dad tries to make sure he is at work and not church, but his dad is a nice person he just wants his son to work hard and help with the family. we actually are teaching him about the Priesthood now but he needs to go to church more. 
We have met a lot of good people and like you said I guess they don't understand for some reason they don't want to change, but we have also met a bunch of people that do want change, maybe for a lot of people they will change when the time is right.  Sort of like the church, I wonder if the church was restored when it was because the other times would not have worked right. I think also we are what makes the time right,  time doesn't matter to God in that sense we choose with our faith and our faith leads to obedience , sorry i don't have very much time now, love you 
Elder Seffker

Ya the Alexanders accepted a date! They are so prepared and amazing! They're getting baptized next sunday! I can't wait. I'm actually getting transferred. We found out Friday. I guess we almost expected it but it's pretty sad. Elder Theis and me have become best friends. I'll miss being his companion. It was really an amazing blessing that we got to be companions. The way we found out on Friday was because President called and told Elder Theis that he'll be training. That meant that I would be transferred. It's also sad because I've been in this ward since December! I love it! I love the people, the members the people on the streets... Its crazy to leave it. But I know the Lord has something good in a new area. We've loved this area. It's been amazing! I can't believe how many people God had prepared for us to teach and know. The Alexanders and Erica and Dennis and Lyndon and Michael are all going to be baptized in the coming weeks and I get to come back for each of them. (we can go back to an area to see the baptism of someone we had taught) So I hope to be coming back to this area a lot!
     This last week was awesome. I did a few exchanges with some other missionaries in the zone (that's when you switch companions for the day). I went first with an elder in his area. He's in a bike area and it rained really hard. My white handbook (the little white handbook we carry everywhere with us) is still a little wet in the pages. Things don't really dry very well here in Houston. On that day something kind of funny happened. When we had gotten out of the apartment after studies we got on our bikes and started riding down to the far point of his area (that's where the person we were going to try was). As we were riding I felt my thigh twitching a little bit. It was weird but I ignored it. I felt it again as we rode and so I slapped my leg. I felt something in my pants and thought, "oh this must be a big cockroach." I stopped and shook the darn thing out (or so I thought) and kept riding. We rode about 2 miles down the road to our destination and I felt the same twitch. I put my hand on it again and felt the cockroach again! I yelled to Elder Harrop and we stopped on the side of the road and I pinned the spot where the cockroach was in my pants on the front of my thigh and grabbed around it so it couldn't crawl anywhere. Then I asked Elder Harrop, "How am I going to get this thing out of here?!" he suggested that I roll up my pants from the bottom and grab it. I started to do so and realized that the roll got too tight to put my hand through (by the way the cockroach was a big one, probably 3 or 4 inches). I asked Elder Harrop  again for another suggestion and he said, "I guess you could try going through your front zipper." I decided that was the only option so here on the side of the road I put my hand through my zipper to grab it and realized that there was a layer of fabric that separated the roach from my hand. It was in between the two layers. I started to inch the thing down my leg and as I did that I realized this roach had a little head and a tail and then I poked it out of the bottom of my pant leg and realized it was a little lizard. Kinda weird huh? we were laughing so hard. haha I probably looked like an idiot, but oh well, we're missionaries. 
We also had a cool miracle. ... eh I'm outta time but I love y'all! Have a great week!
Elder Russell

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