Monday, September 29, 2014

The Priesthood is real / faith urges you to keep the commandments

So, this week I'll have to do a quick little update but if I type fast it might be a long one (hopefully! There's always so much I have to tell y'all!)
One person I have to tell you about is Myran. The other day we had President Ashton out with us (he was in the area because he was doing interviews with the missionaries in the zone and he asked me after if we had any appointments he could join us at). We went and taught Myran. It was a great lesson. He's an awesome guy. He's probably about 5 foot 6 inches--pretty short, and he seems really sober whenever we talk with him but he's also a professional boxer. He was telling us about how he got into it and it's pretty cool. He was hanging out at a boxing gym one time and at this point he hadn't really boxed ever and didn't have any amateur experience but a pro boxer was warming up and needed someone to spar with. Myran offered and as he was sparring with him myran hit his forearm when the guy was trying to block a punch and it broke his forearm. The coach didn't know what to do because this guy had to go into the ring pretty soon so he talked with myran and he was able to be the replacement. He did really good and won the match. He said he punched the guy so hard that he literally knocked the snot out of him haha. Anyway, he's a really cool guy! We hope he's able to progress. 
Last night We were knocking on a less-active member's door and right before she answered a guy walked past and said, "I need a pamphlet." right then the lady answered the door so I started talking to her and Elder Theis started talking to the guy that had just walked by. The lady I talked to had been going through a really hard time and it was really good to talk with her and invite her back to church. While I was talking with her Elder Theis talked to the guy walking past, it was kinda weird, the guy told him how he'd just been jumped and stabbed in the arm three times and it looked really bad. But he hung around and Elder Theis taught him a lesson and prayed with him. The guy told him about his kids back home and cried as Elder Theis prayed with him. He said he was walking home after we met with him (which was about 15 miles away). He was a really cool guy.
We got a text earlier this week from the Alexanders and they asked if we could give their daughter a blessing of comfort (we didn't know how they really knew about a priesthood blessing, they said they just researched it. They are amazing with that stuff, they subscribed to the Friend magazine and the Ensign before we told them about them. They also watched the District (those reality missionary videos). They are amazing!). The blessing was really good. We really felt the Spirit. They are an amazing family. After the blessing they told us that they wanted to be baptized. Elder Theis and I just prayed and thanked God the first thing when we got outside. They have so much good ahead of them. I love that family. 
I don't know if I told y'all last week but Virginia (the lady who just got baptized) has had some health problems with her back lately and has had to be on bedrest. She couldn't even really move. It was really serious. She was constantly in pain. We gave her a blessing last week and I really felt the Spirit confirm to me that she would get better. This week when we stopped by she was sitting up more and said she can walk now. The Priesthood is real. It was a cool miracle.
Well, I love y'all!
Elder Russell, have a good week!

Well how are you guys doing? I am really doing good, this is a picture of me if you couldn't tell. the man on my left is my boy marvin breton and to my right is the boss . just kidding on the left is president McMullin and his wife, as i said they are really nice people, my companion Elder Breton has told me some really funny things about them. He told me once that president went up and asked a random teenager if he sent him a text about the lds church, and then when he was finished he was proud that he got the reference, he isn't that crazy though and he and his wife are really nice. i know i said that but everyone says that, they actually are really nice people. My companion is really cool, he has been out here for a bit longer than a year and he really is a good missionary. I have learned a ton, not just of Spanish, i have really learned about the Gospel, yesterday when i was studying, i read in d&c and it sort of seemed repetitive and i started to wonder what Joseph Smith was doing while He received the Revelations,  i opened up in the book of mormon to one of my favorite chapters, alma 34 and i read around there and other alma chapters, it talked about faith and i could really feel the Spirit strong. the gospel is simple. The first principle of the gospel is faith, then of course it is repentance then baptism so on, but you start with faith, that faith needs to be in Christ, alma 32, D&C 93 talk about it, Christ is the word, or truth you need to plant in you heart, the faith nourishes it, your faith urges you to keep the commandments as you grow, you grow in all sorts of things including knowledge even until it is perfect. I think i had this experience so i could understand better how i gained a testimony so i can help others to gain it. We often challenge people to learn the gospel is true for themselves, now i get it better, if they exercise only a tiny bit of faith they might figure out why they are here and who they are, also what to do in life. lately i have been reading the book Jesus the Christ and D&C, especially section 93 it is really awesome there is no way Joseph Smith ever could have come up with that. 
right now we are teaching someone named Daniel he is really cool,  he is a great kid, he is humble and usually does what we ask for him to learn and know for himself, you can tell he is developing a testimony by the sacrifices he makes for the gospel. he has become my friend along with others we are teaching, This guy that lives across the street to him named Estan is really cool, they both have been baptized and Estan showed up at Church yesterday even though he wasn't feeling very good. if there is one thing i am learning right now it might be to have faith, 
it takes faith to understand why people don't except your message sometimes and why an angel doesn't appear to people when they pray all the time, i am also learning that this life is all about faith, we need to walk with faith rather than sight, anyone remember this "feel don't see" from that guy at olive garden a  little while ago, i think his name was justin, 
By the way something maybe some of the boys might find pretty cool is i think i saw a cicada, it was dead on the road, we noticed it because it was huge it is probably as long as my palm and half as wide and that is when its wings were not open. they make noise at night, they have a bunch of cool bugs here. i think it was Mom that asked me about the rain, it rains a lot it is nice that it does that because it is hot and very humid, at times it rains while the sun is out and it just gets more humid, also the roads are dirt so a lot of times they are muddy, it is sort of like in elder Russell mission when he talked about wearing his shoes out on  the way to the mission home to make it look like you've worked hard, because my shoes are always muddy and some of my books get wet on the cover so it looks like they have been used a ton
hmmm what other things have happened, a yeah  i was thinking the other day about a dream i had, jacob was in it and i was helping him and then he started talking to me in english, in the dream i remembered the scripture when Christ came and the babies could talk and they said things that were to great to be written so i decided not to ask jacob about that. Ha Ha It is funny what you know in your head without learning it,  here is an example sometimes when people learn the plan of salvation they say it is like they learned it for the second time, interesting.  i have had a lot of cool dreams, i want to tell you about another one i had, i was in my dream and i noticed i was dreaming, in my dream i thought it was interesting how i could think and watch my dream, in the dream when i noticed that i realized i had control of my dream and i started to move things around. i moved the walls out of the way and there was a landscape i started to destroy everything and then i had a good thought, what is the point of destroying things so i started to create things then my dream ended interesting i feel like i should tell you when i started to create things i saw a picture of the temple and then everything went white that is as far as i remember i think my dream was over. but anyway i found a cool scripture  about it the next day i think, I'm pretty sure that it is in D&C 93  the last part. yeah verse 35, well love you guys, i really like it when i get your letters most people don't get that many in one envelope, it takes a while for letters to get sent around, as i said just so you know it takes around a month or so for letters to get here.
Love ya,
Elder Seffker

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