Tuesday, March 7, 2017

faith progresses to the point where we can move mountains in Christ's name

Yeah living conditions are okay. It's a great experience. All lot of
the things that were really dramatic changes have subsided so to
speak. We're thrown in head first, positively surrounded by the new
culture, no relief ;) and so we eventually get used to it. In fact, it
would be weird now to feel cold outside or to have a shower that's
hot. Other little things like that. Especially sitting cross-legged
all the time, at first it hurt. It sill hurts once in a while, but
I've forgot what it's like to go through a day without that, and so it
doesn't really hurt any more ;) (also my legs are developing slowly
toward that circumstance as well). Another big change especially
during this transfer is the language, because me and my companion
aren't much of talkers, we rarely speak english to each other. And
therefore, my language has improved dramatically, and I'm beginning to
feel much more confident! I can understand people much better now!!
Any way, I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for us. I know
that He's so ready to lead us and guide us. I know that He truly is
through His Holy Spirit, even when we don't know it. I know that He
blesses us with knowledge, new perspectives and understanding, people
who can help us, peace, and all other good things. I've really seen
His hand in my life lately. Thanks for your prayer and your fasts. It
definitely strengthened me. Sometimes times are tough, and I know that
by your fasts and prayers and love I've been able to get through them.
True, it's so individual! Sometimes we can feel that way amidst our
trials, and we can feel alone. But it's so nice to know that Heavenly
Father isn't going to let us slip through the cracks so to speak. He's
not going to forget us. No matter how alone we feel, no matter even if
we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel of our trials, He
understands us, He understands our trials perfectly, better than we
do, He knows how to help us through them, and He will lead us along if
we put our trust in Him. He knows where the light at the end of the
tunnel is. We just need to do our best, that's all that He asks.
President Ln has said before something like 'our best on somedays
is better than other days', Heavenly Father knows our hearts and will
bless us so generously as we rely on Him in this life.
THanks for your testimony! It's good to hear your testimony. I've had
Jacob 4:6 on my mind at times during this mission, about how we search
the prophets words and how their witness builds our own, and
eventually, with so many witnesses, our faith progresses to the point
where we can move mountains in Christ's name and things like that. Any
way, it's good to hear others testimonies. When someone tells you
things they know are true, the spirit can whisper to your heart the
truthfulness of it. I suppose that's one reason scriptures are so
important. Apart from the fact that they explain important gospel
truths and principles and commandments. They contain writings of
prophets, and their witnesses. I'm grateful for your testimony. I know
also that the scriptures contain the testimonies of the prophets and
others, and I'm grateful for that! As far as actually things happening
this week. I've been really blessed with guidance and help. Thanks for
all of your fasts and prayers for me!!!!! My language has been
progressing well. In language you've got pronunciation, grammar, and
vocabulary it seemed. (and if all those things are in check, then you
must needs sound like a native ;) but I actually was missing one
thing, intonation (and maybe there's even more things) but any way,
I've learned a lot about intonation now, and know I feel like I'm
REALLY ready to attack vocabulary!! Any way, T is still going
good. Her baptism is this Friday! K is still happy to lesson; he
keeps most of the commitments... but he still won't yet come to
church. We're working with him to develop his faith. He loves to pray,
he sees the blessings of it. He does pretty good with the reading....
A problem here I suppose is that many people aren't accustomed to
reading a lot. I honestly can't say I know anyone who's read the
entire Kiribati Book of Mormon through yet, let alone investigators.
THough I'm sure some members have. It's sad to say.... they certainly
have the time..... any way.... have a good week! I love you all!!!! -

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