Thursday, March 16, 2017

He will lead us along

I look back on my past now and realize frankly how immature, human,
sinful, etc. I was haha. When are definitely nothing without Him, but
when can continue to grow and progress. It's been such a blessing that
even as imperfect as I was, am, and will be through out this life,
even though I continue to strive to improve, that the Lord still
blesses our efforts. Even just a desire to do good brings so many
blessings. It just makes me think how reliant we are on Him, and how
good and powerful He is. haha, pride is definitely a lie. I used to
think it might be hard to be humble, as if you had to continue to beat
yourself down and exagerate the good of other things and so forth. But
I realize now that humility is really just accepting the truth. It's
letting go of pride. Any way, I have a long way to go, but I guess we
just keep learning and growing. haha, I know that it's a great
blessing and grace that I was able to have any positive influence on
people back home, I know the spirit is the real teacher in any situation. 

Love you all.

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