Monday, April 25, 2016

because we love the Lord.

Re: Letter from mom

 glad to hear you are excited for my future though that is pretty uplifting. I am glad that you mentioned that and the covenants that I have made in the temple. thanks for your support, it is nice to know that I have good parents that love me. I have noticed that is one of the most motivating things people need, they need to feel loved and feeling the Lords love is something that we need for sure. I have seen that in myself a lot but especially in the people I teach, I feel like my companion has a talent for that, he seems to be able to show the people that he loves them and that helps a lot. We have been talking about the topic of loving the people, I realize that when I had started the mission I was probably  a lot more focused on justifing myself by comparing myself to others, why I am more obedient and so on, I remember the way I taught was often just teaching the lessons and not so much the people. now looking at some spots in the middle of my mission, where started seeing that something might be missing, I feel like the Lord had taught me some really important things. for example I got a companion that seemed to be pretty disobedient and he probably didnt like me a lot from the start because he thought he knew me already. but with all that happening the Spirit told me that I would learn something really important from him. with time I did. by the end I had realized that, he was a good person and in some ways a better missionary than I had thought. his main focus was on helping the people and that made a lot of sense all of a sudden. for some weird reason people sometimes associate loving the people with being disobedient, but being obedient on its highest level goes to loving the Lord and the people. I just wanted to share that, I feel like it has been a lot happier and meaningful to be here, especially in this last part as I am still learning to love the people and do things because I love the Lord. like I said before the last door is mercy.  I just wanted to share that little part of what I have been learning I think the rules of the mission are super important and I will go as far as saying they are commandments but we just forget way to ofter in the mission or church or anywhere the' why' we dont always have to know the reason but the why can be because we love the Lord.

 just something that has been on my mind lately-
 love you all chau

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