Tuesday, April 12, 2016

not worry about opposition

Well yeah, I am glad we got to talk to Grandpa before he left, today I was learning about the spirit world. I am happy that he is in a peaceful place, that we got to have a good time with him before. I really love the scripture you showed me. it is a good one. I like how we need to understand things to have more faith, faith has a lot to do with actions, sometimes people think not to share something because they believe it wont be a help to those they share it with but it is described here a lot different, sounds like a commandment that we should study and teach so that others can learn to have faith.
thanks for your prayers they help a lot. it is true what you said many blessings have been coming into my life now that I wouldnt have expected, it is amazing how much the Lord loves us, that has been helping me a lot to understand that more and more, honestly I haven't found something that has motivated me more than that yet. I know that prayer is super, super important. If you ever feel unhappy you should pray for sure. I know that God lives. that helps me not worry about opposition that comes, I have found that it is also hard to be happy sometimes, naturally we eventually get unhappy, but although there is a time to be happy or sad we can at least be at peace. well love you guys i read a lot of letters from you all, except those that cant write and I will respond to the questions I remember_
how am I

good thanks

how is the Spanish coming

good, it is getting funner to speak, it is something I dont want to forget after so I will have to keep practicing somehow.

what do I do on pdays}
usually what ever 

do I like my companion}

yeah all my companions have been pretty cool, I have learned something important from each one, my companion now is really nice and he works pretty hard, 

what is the food like

I actually dont remember if anyone asked me that 

what is your favorite color 
I have a lot of favorite colors 

I cant remember anymore questions remind me I guess if you get some.
love you tell every one I said hi and Grandma too,that I will pray for her..

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