Wednesday, May 4, 2016

amazing a gift the Spirit is

I had a good week, there was a lot of things to do this week, felt pretty crazy, one cool thing though, there was a baptism of a guy named Jose. He is a really good kid and I was there to be a witness in the baptism it was really uplifting and I felt good, after the baptism Jose has been acting a lot different according to his family. He seems really solid, I am happy for him. His sister was going to be baptized but we figured out that she is scared of the water, we are going to be working with that so that in the future if she wants she can be ready. I was able to gain a stronger testimony of the Spirit this week, it really is a miracle to know what we do about the Gospel. I felt like with the many things that happened this week the still small voice of the Spirit has been the biggest help. one little thing I wanted to share is that before the district meeting I was thinking about what to have the meeting be on and the Spirit really helped a ton, we ended up talking about patience and peace and the class went fine but the really cool thing was after when I was in the division with Elder Rios, he said the topic of the class seemed to really help with one of his investigators and with his week, all of that got traced back to the tranquilo promptings of the Spirit that I decided to listen to before the class, really cool,I can easily see that none of the success I have seen in the mission has ever come from me, I have been thinking a lot about how amazing a gift the Spirit is. it makes me sad when I don't follow it but surprises me a lot how having such a gift doesn't stress me out a lot

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