Monday, February 1, 2016

feel the Spirit

so for the lesson well what has blessed me is having the Spirit to be with me, that is very evident when I am being obedient. It is amazing what sort work we can get done as we follow the Spirit because we are being instruments for the Lord. I have talked with some people about being obedient for a long time and I remember one person was trying to convince me to be less obedient and he seemed to have every reason logically but then after he was done he threw in a ``well I have noticed that being disobedient makes it so I don't have the Spirit with me that strong`` I still wonder why he threw that in to what he was saying because it seems to me like he never changed but the principle is important, when we are obedient we are blessed. It sounds so much easier than it is sometimes. what blessings I  have seen from being obedient on the mission, usually I feel peace, I don't feel confused about Spiritual things and I can hear the Spirit guide me to make wise decisions for the unseen future. A lot of the blessings have been like that, short term immediate Spiritual blessings and a lot of long term temporal blessings. When I am not obedient sometimes I feel a little bit lost. one thing that makes us want to be disobedient is pride, we think we know better. I like that talk from Ezra Taft Benson I think you may have shown me before, ``beware of pride`` or something like that, that is something every can do, beware of pride, there are many forms of being pride and as a family that could be something. Also another thing that helps is being obedient to the commandments as they are a list of happy things to do, like the first commandment is love one another, you guys could think of a list of service you can do, where you serve the person and try and make it so they don't know that you served them. or you can do or say something for someone everyday so that they know that you love them, and you could draw names. or things like that, I think living on a higher plane to me is applying the important teachings of the Gospel, that knowledge is what gives us the higher perspective, we really don't have to feel discouraged or scared or things like that. yeah i told my companion to email you guys something but he told me the computer place ran out of power, I'm fine, i just had a little bug so i didn't want to go out and make it worse, but yeah because of that I wasn't able to work that much this last week, I am completely ready to work now though so don't worry and I had a good week. yesterday we had Church and I really liked it, I said a prayer that an investigator there could feel the Spirit, at the end she was saying how the talks the people gave answered questions that she always has had, I am really happy for her, she seems to be growing in the Gospel pretty well. I know this is the true place to grow, the Church is true, there is a living prophet and the Priesthood is restored. Love you guys 

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