Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lord has been watching me

Great week, we had some cool things that happened. One of the investigators we are working with decided to move her fecha baptismal up that was cool, sadly another decided not to listen to us, that was sad but I feel like she will have another chance, the thing that happened is her preacher told her that we are bad and what we teach is bad. the Spirit helped comfort me right before she rejected us by telling me to wait, I guess something will happen later, she seemed very prepared to hear us, I guess it wasn't her time yet. So that was interesting to me, to see someone that seems really prepared choose to be baptized and another choose to leave. 
So also, I had a good time thinking about what has happened on my mission then I felt like I should read some stuff and it helped me realize that the Lord has been watching me here in the mission.

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