Monday, February 8, 2016

family is the most important group we will be apart of

I feel good, I am completely not sick
release date...someone told me in july 14 or something like that so that is really coming up quick there
missionary bulletin;
hey gang looks like I am fine and having a good mission, lots of cool stuff, I love the people, see ya, just kidding 

I was just reading some of your letters, they were good to read, sounds like you all are doing good. 
it is fun to see how you all are doing it made me smile and stuff when I was reading it. lately I have had people ask if I have pictures of my family,  I have a few that I show them and they pretty much always are super surprised, it is fun to have a big family they always give me similar comments too. I think it is a big blessing to have a big family. Often times people ask a lot of questions and it gives me a good opportunity to talk about families and how the Gospel blesses us,  I have a big testimony of that. I cant imagine what we might have missed if we didn't have the Gospel. I feel like family is the most important group we will be apart of here and after this life, with Heavenly Father being a part of our big family as well. I know that Jesus is our brother, it is sometimes hard to comprehend that but it makes me feel good when I think about it, I think it is cool how our family has grown a lot, In the pictures and letters I see that we are growing spiritually also. I want to bear my testimony about families, they can be eternal, that is for sure true, I know that the temple is the house of the Lord, His Church is a part of His kingdom, we are part of it also and He helps us to do His work which is mainly in the family. 
I liked Emmi`s testimony that was really cool as well, I remember she always seemed to have a big testimony in Jesus that is cool.
well anyway this week was good, we have been reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, I have seen it help me a lot, I have learned more about repentance and I am sure that king Benjamin was really prepared when he gave his speech to the people there. I think it was around like Mosiah 4  or something, it made me think about if we had to meet God now, I wonder if we would feel all that prepared, gratefully we can be thanks to the Savior though. I also know that the Spirit is real and a lot of times gives me guidance on who I should talk to and where to go, I am really grateful for that blessing and I feel that it is very necessary, I wonder sometimes why that doesn't get emphasized more in the Church, but in this conference thing we had as a mission we got to hear about how we can have the Spirit more as we teach. 
thanks for the quote that is a good one, sort of interesting, how the Spirit really connects to our mind I think that our minds have a lot to do with our Spirit or intelligence or consciousness I wonder what sort of differences they might have. but thanks you guys for writing me and stuff  

on the funny side
I had a weird dream a few nights ago that me and my bishop here were trying to break into the white house and our stake president here had taken it over so we tried braking in with some firearms and stuff and then near the end of the dream we ended up calling Mom and Dad and they came and took out the president and saved the white house it was a weird dream.
might want to put that part in the ward bulletin.  and this awesome pictures of me, I have learned to become one with nature out here since there is no civilization and we are forced to live with out houses. 
 but seriously the Church is true and all that it teaches 
love you guys  

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