Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This has been another good week, I am really happy conference is coming soon, also we had a good Sunday, the attendance went up just a bit and I really hope it goes up more next week, I want to get as many people to conference as possible. The lessons we have had lately seem to have been really good, we have been more successful and tired at the end of the day here as we are trying to contact a bit more. One highlight of the week would probably be yesterday when we talked with an investigator that basically told us he wants to change his life, the night we meet him, he contacted us and in the lesson we had he told us that before he was praying that the Lord would take him away from all the worldly things going on in his life, he must have felt a desire for more than just parties drinking and money. He shared this after we shared a bit of scripture on seek the kingdom of the Lord first. He wants to go to Church and I think this time he will finally get there. Me and my companion both think that will really help him gain a testimony, which obviously if he chooses it will. Peoples lives change and fast, and to think all they really have to do is change their hearts desire, and follow the Savior. Well it is simple but hard, it always makes me happy when I see someone with a good desire like that. Missionary work is so real Jacob 7  I have written according to the best of my knowledge, by saying that the time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream
when I got to the mission I read this scripture and thought that the mission was like a dream but now I am realizing my life before was like a dream, after the mission it will hopefully be the same and after the big mission I will rise and remember the dream. 
hey dad do you remember well your conversion, I never asked you about it enough to figure out how it was. the cat in the cradle and the silver.....jk no seriously it would be cool ha ha 
I know that the Savior lives also and the best thing we can really do now is bring more souls to this knowledge, I know He is always there and for that He is the best friend of anyone who goes to Him. It is true that the Gospel has brought me a bunch of joy

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