Monday, March 2, 2015

simply started with a prayer

So this is what I wrote to President for my weekly letter, I'm try to not get lazy but also save time. also some other interesting things have happened that are miracles, the Lord really blesses us, and my new companion is really good, today we destroyed in soccer. 

Hey, this week has been really joyful. I feel like my new companion is a really good one, I have really felt the Spirit in some of our lessons that we have had, I feel like we uped the game on our work. I don´t what it is for sure but it seems like we just plain out have more success. For example when we were doing our prayer to leave the first day I could feel the Spirit, I think it was the next day or so that we visited with a less active member that I have never seen come to Church in the entire time I have been here, and we simply started with a prayer, tried to find her need, shared some Scriptures, and so on, then she came to church, although I did not see her in Sacrament she at least came. There are many examples of things that seem to be going just a little bit better, my companion and I were out in the night, nearly time to go home, and he asked if we could visit just one more person. We happened to be by an Investigator that we have not really seen progress very far. We talked with them and they accepted a little better the first lesson, at the end the sister said the prayer and the Spirit was so strong I could literally feel the Spirit. That is the affect of a faithful and sincere prayer and she seemed so happy when the prayer was over and she thanked us for being so patient with her.
the Lord is blessing us and I know that He is really there. Love you all and enjoy the week, do good and don't die. 

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