Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lord works by faith

It has been another good week, I feel like some of the lessons we have had have been really great, I can feel the Spirit guide me more, to follow the Spirit is pretty interesting, it is like a skill but a way to practice understanding is by obeying in my opinion. It seems no matter how smart you get if you never obey the Spirit it is going to be very difficult to listen. Anyway we ended up teaching some investigators that seem fairly golden, although they both seem to have many trails. One of them has come to two activities this week but for some reason she just didn´t show up at Church. We thought that she was going to go with her cousin, who is less active now. It is a blessing that we found her with her cousin because now she has asked her cousin questions about the lessons we teach so we think she might progress. Another person ended up being a really normal investigator until she told us her and her husband moved. Later after we thought they had moved we passed by and my companion noticed she was sitting outside, we taught her about faith with Enos and the reason she was there is because her husband left to go work and they both lost their jobs, but the lesson had the Spirit and we feel that she may progress to. Other good things are happening all the time. I am surprised at how quickly life changes for everyone here, yesterday we visited a less active that has not been to Church in about a year and with just a little bit of time and sharing the gospel a little, she remembered her testimony, and conversion and told us some things that have been going on, she wants her family to learn the gospel too.
so I suppose what happened this week with you guys is good then, rugby I have never played that, but here i am learning to enjoy soccer doubly- before it was already my favorite sport . it sounds like your lesson went good, i really enjoyed hearing the story, i like how it says He felt the need to instinctively praying for that. because in the church lesson me and my companion gave it was on prayer and some of the topics i have learned were kind of interesting in D&C it says some interesting things 88{64 is really good and some other ones I can think of but what i learned from teaching the lesson was cool , one that we can pray for what Heavenly Father wants of us and we just have to be pure and have faith and the Spirit. well I have really seen that in my life, I am thinking of some scriptures especially in Nephi when his brothers tie him up, he gets untied later and he says the storm just stops but it is right after he prayed for it, the Lord works by faith, those who cant see miracles probably could use faith. Love you hope every thing is going good, I think ill go buy some bananas.
oh yeah did i tell you my companion found a baby crocodile or alligator in some ones sewer, well i watch a video called spiritual crocodiles today and it is really intense here

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