Tuesday, November 25, 2014

uh.. maybe a little / feel the Spirit again

So now my companion is Elder Sika! He's from Tonga. He's awesome. We had a good week. it's been kinda rainy but luckily it got a bit warmer. It was back in the 70's and the 80's. On thursday we had dinner with this awesome family named the Trevino's. They made a ton of really good spaghetti. They loaded up our plates and I didn't think I would be able to eat half of it when I first saw it. But I endured a finished it off and was soooo full! My companion ate as much as me and they said, "elder Sika, do you want more?" He was even full but said, "uh.. maybe a little." they gave him a lot more. so anyway, when we left we were sooo full! and then we went to our next appointment who was this awesome guy named Basil and it was at his girlfriends house who is a member. I had forgotten but they said they were going to feed us as well. So by the end of the night we were really really full. well, great update huh? haha we also did other stuff besides eat but I don't have time.. whoops.. sorry
love, Elder Russell

This week has been another good week, we had some good lessons, I think I learned a lot. We ended up teaching a less active member in a really cool lesson, his name is Carlos. he still has not gone to church even though it seems like every time we go he says he will, I think really he is just scared of going back to some of the members but all in all has a desire to come back and feel the Spirit again in his life. anyway we ended up taking a member with us he is a really cool guy, he was baptised when he was ten or so and went inactive after about 7 months, later he got a girl friend and eventually one time they pretty much asked each other why they weren't living the Gospel so they became active years later but now they seem to be strong in the church, any way we took this guy to visit carlos and it turns out they actually knew it each other, they might work together and they happened to be active at the same time, both when they were about ten or so i think, im pretty sure carlos is in the same situation he just hasnt yet decided to come back. they both could relate really good and we had a good lesson, this week was just a really good week as always so far my spanish is getting better and the things I am learning I wouldn't have imagined myself knowing now just a week or two before. the Lord really blesses us with things as we are able to receive it. also this week i almost stepped on a stick bug, they are really cool bugs, that was i think the first time i have seen one ever in real life, it looks simply like a stick, a little twig, i am glad my companion told me before i stepped on it.
they dont have healthy cereal here at a cheaper price it, another interesting thing is they dont have peanut butter here, if they do it is really expensive. i have never seen a tortilla shell here either. yet they do have something here i really like, mangos, they have a ton of them except they are a bit different here, they are more like celery, they have some cool fruits, they other day I ate this watermelon,cantelope,pumpkin looking things juice it is pretty good, they have another fruit that a lot of people like i am not sure how to spell it but it looks like a tiny watermelon and it grows on trees.
  we go to the mission home pretty much for changes only, when we get mail it is typically from the president and his assistants bringing the mail to our area every month, i actually got a package recently with some cool Christmas things so I only used the things that were already unwrapped, but I checked the side and it sounds like there is some pretty cool stuff in there, i liked the pen!! 
Thanks so much!  
Love ya all.
Elder Seffker

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