Monday, November 17, 2014

It's the best way by far! / gift of faith

This week turned out really good! It has been a huge pay-off of the work and efforts we've been putting in. God's blessed us a lot this week. We had two people come to church. One is from Jordan, he's cool. The other's name is Demitrick. He's awesome. We have the best member that fellowshipped him. His name is Brother Allison. He is actually the one who we live with. Him and his wife build our apartment (a room above their garage) for the purpose of being more involved with the missionaries. They're an awesome couple. Anyway, brother Allison was with us when we taught Demitrick and he was great to have at the lesson! He was able to relate to him so well and share a lot of good things with him about eternal families and the blessings he and his wife have had from the gospel. It was really touching hearing him talk about those things. He's such a good guy. He then invited Demitrick to church and gave him a ride. after church on Sunday we ate lunch with the Allisons and Demitrick came then we taught him. It was a really spiritual lesson. We had another really good experience with another member. Brother Alexander came with us to teach a guy named Kelly. It was amazing how close he could relate to the person we were teaching. Members have to be involved in missionary work! It's the best way by far! I love working with the members too. We have awesome members.
Well, we got transfer calls this morning and my companion Elder Chamberlain is getting transferred. I will find out who my next companion will be on Wednesday at transfer meeting. I'll let y'all know who it is next week.
Love y'all!
Elder Russell
p.s. It's getting cold now! it was 49 degrees the other day and with the humidity it feels pretty cold. Luckily this week it's supposed to go back up to 70's.

My week was really good, We had a division on Thursday so I stayed in our area as we switched companions for a day, I really learned a lot, I think it was a good lesson of  confidence for me. We all have a huge capability to serve and I think most times we are just too satisfied where we are at and not happy enough where we are at too. Well anyway on the division I wasn´t sure I could navigate around the area that well but actually I just tried to have a good attitude and do my best and it turned out that I didn't really get lost ever. Also I ended up seeing another blessing when we found a house that we have been looking for for a while. She is a new investigator where we just forgot where she lived. That tends to happen in a place without addresses. I found the house because we happened to pass by her on the division while she was walking past her house. Her house is sort of hidden behind two trees. A day or two later we went by to see if she was at her house and she wasn't so we went to the next house, and tried there, usually that doesn't happen but my companion said these people were looking at him in a different way so that is why he tried it. We ended up finding two more investigators. One of them seems to be really interested in the Gospel. She said it was sort of like a sign to her that we came because recently she has been thinking about some of the bad things going on in her church. She also seemed fairly excited to pray to know if the church is true. It is always great when you meet people with a gift of faith. Also this week I gained a greater testimony of fasting, and that we have the commandments to help us. That is how we should feel when we keep them. The best way to keep them is with love for Heavenly Father. We can always learn more by keeping them until we know everything. I don't have too much time but that is something I was able to share with a less active member on the division that I think might really help him D & C 93. 28 is a scripture that talks a bit about that and the scripture I shared with him was in alma 32. We need to keep the commandments to progress. It is that simple!!
Love ya Elder Seffker 

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