Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The weather today is really good, it sort of looks like it is about to rain and has some wind. My companion speaks english as good as me  and is from Orem, Ut.  another cool thing that has happened this week is that I have started to think some words in Spanish naturally, and my english is changing very slightly
  yeah our culture is actually pretty different it is funny because my comp talks fluent spanish too, his family is from mexico so he has sort of two cultures it seems like.

This week was a good one we did this thing they called ´´casa abierta´´ it is just our chapel´s official name i guess but anyway it was pretty cool, we got to give people somewhat of a tour through the church and then ask them for some references. We didnt have too many people come but I still thought it was fun, this week we did that and mostly the regular stuff, finding people. After the casa abierta thing this lady dropped a cane on the members needing to do more missionary work, me and my companion thought it was alright though it is true, if every one were like mom the church´s attendance would explode but the thing I guess i am saying is just take the little opportunities to do missionary work and you will find it is not so hard or even scary.  Love ya Elder Seffker
We finally got a picture of Elder Seffker and the missionary in front of him has his arm in his face.. Oh well, the rest of him looks good! Ha Ha 

A frog from Paraguay!!

This week was great. We had a good thanksgiving. We started it out by playing some football at a park with some guys from the ward. We were going to play soccer and I was way excited too--especially because our friend richard from nigeria (who played professional soccer div. 1 in Nigeria) was going to play with us.. but no one brought a soccer ball. But it was still fun. It's pretty embarrassing but I was a little bit sore from it the last few days. Anyway, then we ate with the slack's. They're an awesome family. It was fun to be over there. Sister slack is amazing at the organ. She plays it really well in church. She's really good. She even knows the Mormon tabernacle organists and stuff. 
We had a good lesson with a guy named Diego this week. He had some good questions when we met with them and I feel like they were efficiently answered (sometimes I don't feel like that happens haha). I love the scriptures. We also met with this guy named Jesse. He's really old. We met with him the first time and went over to meet with him yesterday and he was out racking leaves. He's 87 so it was surprising to see what he had done. He was over by his neighbors yard doing it. He's a really good guy. We helped him out. Later we had a lesson with him. He's kind of interesting. He says he gets letters from aliens and he mostly reads from the Urantia instead of the Bible and hasn't opened up the Book of Mormon yet (the Urantia is a book that I guess would best be classified as psuedopigrypha--kind of an interesting sounding book). But he's a good guy. Pray for him. Well sorry I gotta go. Love y'all. Check out christmas.mormon.org. It's a new thing the church is doing. 
love, elder russell

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