Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lord trusted me

So ill tell ya about proselyting on Saturday, it was really cool like i have said before the people here are really great and they are very nice, we were walking by someones door and this guy came out, we felt like we should talk to him so we eventually figured out he was probably looking for the church, he said he had a book of Mormon but he left it in Peru or something, we were able to give him a book, teach him a bit, tell him where the chapel is and probably brighten his day a bit, he was very happy, he looked like he could cry. i remember right after that we walked down the street and saw this lady working on her garden, she was really nice, she talked about her church, the evangelists i think, she liked it but didn't really feel great there because the people were yelling all the time. we talked about the Spirit and showed her moroni 10:4-5 as i often do- it is a really great scripture while she read it i could feel the Spirit and she said she felt cold or something, i couldn't really tell what she said because it was spanish but we knew it was the Spirit, we bore our testimonies and talked about how God wants to communicate with us through the Spirit and prayer and we challenged her to pray and go to church. she was so happy, i didn't have time to tell you but last time we had a similar situation with a guy name edgar, he was so nice that when we walked away from talking to him he ran over to us and asked us if we wanted some water, he showed us his family and we were able to give him a book of Mormon. those things really have helped put things in perspective, the Lord sets people in places where they can be helped, the plan is perfect so all people will have a fair opportunity of receiving the blessings of the Gospel. it also helped me have more faith in the message we are sharing, like when we walked past that lady do her garden, she was called Neomy by the way, i didn't have to have the Spirit prompt me to talk to her because the Lord trusted me and my companion to be anxiously engaged in the good cause, i had to exercise faith that the Gospel would enter into her life. 
Love ya all,
Elder Seffker

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