Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gospel influence people from all of the different types of cultures

We have been teaching a few people who are making some good progress. One of them is Jeremy. We met jeremy while we were walking back to our car after trying someone at one of the complexes we were at and my companion heard some faint voice saying, "hey! do y'all have a mormon book?" We walked over to the voice and this guy was hidden behind his plants which were growing on his small porch of his apartment (he had quite a few of them). He told us how missionaries had talked to him before and that somehow he lost contact with them and moved. We've been meeting with him and he really wants to get baptized. He liked church this last Sunday. He's a really good guy. At our last lesson we got on the subject of a topic of which he had struggled with and he told us how when the temptation came up to make the sin he looked over at the wall and saw "a big, black, giant spider" (I guess he's not a fan of spiders). But he said he put down the source of his temptation right then and then the spider went away. We told him how even the danger of the spider was not close to the danger of sin. We really like meeting with him. He catches on really well. When we went over last time he showed us a stand (I'll call it a rameumpton) he made out of "kinnect-toys" for his Book of Mormon. He's funny. He really liked church on Sunday and he participated in the classes and stuff. Another guy we're teaching is Jacob. He has been doing pretty good as well. We teach him with a newly wed couple in our ward. They are perfect for him. They help him a lot and are great teachers/friends to him. In missionary work it is sooooo helpful when members be the friends and check-up on the people who you invite them to fellowship. It really makes the experience for the investigator. With another guy we've been working with named Robby, we've been struggling with helping him progress much because he's recently had some complications in his life making it hard for us to meet with him. He's pretty willing and wants to be baptized but the contact is hard. Past addictions in his life have really hindered his spiritual progress. He feels that they have hardened his soul to a point that he can't feel God's influence. It's pretty sad. We have some good talks with him though and he is really close to moving forward. Keep him in your prayers if ya will.
We had a really good meal appointment that stood out to me this week. It was with the Garcia family. They are great! Brother and Sister Garcia mainly speak spanish. They speak very little english, but they are the nicest people. When we went over they treated us so well. I was almost just not used to how polite they were. They made us Peruvian food and when it came to the lesson, we shared about the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and although I don't think they understood even half of what we were saying the Spirit was there. I love seeing the Gospel influence people from all of the different types of cultures and parts of the world. 
well, see y'all later. love ya,
Elder Russell

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