Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We could have the whole cannon memorized!

It is getting a bit hotter. It's still comfortable though. This week has been great. We got to do a little service along with the teaching and meeting new people and everything. We helped this family in our ward, the mom is a member but not the dad or the kids. They're from the Caribbean. We were doing yard work for them. At first when we got there the dad told us how the lawn-mower wasn't starting so my companion likes to work on things like that and he started work on it. It was kind of a one-man job so I was talking to the kids while he worked on it. They brought out their Pokemon cards and made me go through each of their decks. We talked about them and how there are so many new ones. I actually remember more Pokemon names than I should be proud to admit. I was talking with Elder White after and we were thinking about how we can memorize so much info just from hobbies and interests, it's amazing! Think of what we could do if we focused that on the scriptures! We could have the whole cannon memorized! Anyway, that's a random tangent. So, after the reminisce of the pokemon days the dad made us dinner. We ate meat with meat for the side-dish and then had sausage for dessert. Don't worry, we didn't just eat cake, he gave us a slice of cake for a side and root beer to drink haha. I love them, they're a great family. We've been working a lot with our friend named Robby. He's getting baptized pretty soon. He just has some struggles with the word of wisdom. He really struggles with feeling like God really still loves him and accepts him because he's made a lot of mistake in his life and really has a lot of regrets--although he wouldn't admit that. We're also working with Jeremy. He's great. He met missionaries a time back in his life and then he moved and lost contact with them even though he really liked what they taught. Then he found other missionaries and they continued teaching him and he gained a testimony of the church and the book of mormon and then the missionaries "vanished" (probably the area got shut down or something). Then a few weeks ago we were passing by and I didn't notice him because he has a lot of plants on his deck and he was behind them but my companion heard him call out to us. We talked and he told us how he had lost his "mormon Bible." We gave him one and got to know him more and he's doing great now! 
Anyway, it's been a great week! 
Love y'all, Elder Russell

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