Monday, June 9, 2014

people making good choices

Hey it's been a great week. I guess it's best that I start out by telling y'all some of the items in the 'Elder Russell' cookbook. 
1. Tuna and mac n cheese: 
how to make it: Put tuna in mac n cheese
2. Elder Russell's tropical burrito:
how to make it: put a tortilla on the burner of the stove top (no need to dirty a pan), and turn in on medium. Spread peanut butter on the tortilla and then unwrap a banana and place it on the tortilla. Then start smelling something burning, "whoops" (ya, the stove was a little bit too hot). Then wrap it up and eat it. 
3. Cajun Burrito:
how to make it: Make some Zatereign's jambalaya rice and add some white-trash meat (such as hot dogs, tuna, bologna, spam), add cheese and a lot of siracha and "slap ya mama" cajun seasoning. 
4: Fiber toxicity:
how to make it: get a bowl and fill it with wheat flakes (great value brand is cheapest usually). Pour in a mixture of 50% whole milk and 50% water (it saves you money on milk). Oh whoops, actually you were supposed to pour quick rolled oats on it first, then pour the milk. 
--well that's all I'll give you this week so you don't get too hungry. Don't forget to pray before you eat.
So this week was pretty good. We had a great zone meeting. It went really well. I really love our zone. There are some amazing missionaries in it. We are still working with Jeremy. He's doing great! An awesome member in our ward is helping him by being his friend at church. We also have been working with Juan and Christine. Their kids got baptized a little while ago but they are still working out some things before they can but they really want to. They had been struggling with coming to church but they came last Sunday and sat on the front row. It's great to see people making good choices. Well I gotta get going so I just want to leave y'all with my testimony:
I just love this gospel. I absolutely love learning and growing. There is no better institution, organization, or anything, that will more effectively help us to become like Christ and learn and grow into the beings we can be. There are no teachings that could better prepare a civilization or group to live in harmony and peace and joy together. There is no better way to live that will increase the joy in the home. I love the Book of Mormon. It is true. I love Joseph Smith, he really was a prophet. I love Jesus Christ, He really is the Savior and the Only Begotten of the Father, "full of grace and truth, even the Spirit of Truth, which came into the world and dwelt in the flesh" (D&C 93: maybe verse 13 or 12... i don't know for sure). 
Love y'all,
Elder Russell

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