Monday, June 23, 2014

I love days like that

This last week was great! We have some awesome members in our ward and some great people in our area. We had a really cool lesson with a non-member who's the only non-member in his family. His wife and daughter are great members. The daughter came over lastnight for the lesson and we talked about the spirit world and baptisms for the dead and family history. I love those topics. They help resolve a lot of big concerns that are pretty common for Christians to have. The Spirit was really strong. I played "praise to the man" on their piano after the lesson because Diana (his daughter) said it came to mind at that moment. I love the way music can really change the mood of the an atmosphere too. It's amazing. We are still continuing to work with Jeremy. He's made some really significant changes in his life and it amazes me at how willing he is to do it. He is getting baptized on Sunday. At church yesterday in Elder's quorum he kind of bore his testimony about the service of missionary work and it really touched me. I just thought how rewarding it was to be able to know such an amazing man and how great it is to be able to participate in such a great work. I love it! We had a really busy day yesterday. We had a meeting in the morning and then went with a member to pick up someone for church and then after church we ate lunch and after that it was appointment after appointment consecutively until we came home at night. I love days like that. 
We're allotted a certain amount of miles each month for the car each month. They vary in amount depending on the size of your area. We're running a little low on them so we've been doing a lot of biking. I love biking! I forgot how great it was! Even in the hot sun it's just such a good feeling. We were biking up to the top part of our area the other day and there was a deer like 5 feet away from the sidewalk. We thought it'd move when we passed but it didn't. It was pretty odd. Our area is a pretty developed area so it's not very common to see that. We also bike along the Bayou and there are a lot of pelicans and turtles in it. We're keeping our eyes out for gators so we can take a picture with one;) haha... (I don't think we'll get a chance to sadly). We got to eat dinner with an awesome family in our ward yesterday and had some great crapes. I also forgot how good those are! We ate quite a few of them. 

Well, I hope y'all have a great week! Keep up everything and keep reading, praying, and going to church and see what you can do to make each of those more meaningful. 
love y'all! Elder Russell

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