Tuesday, May 6, 2014

they're just great people

II. I went to the temple this morning. It was so good. I absolutely love that place. I learn a lot while spending time there. Our mission is going next week as well so I'm getting a double-bonus! I am really excited. 
anyway, So this last week has been really good. One of the thoughts that I had this week was how much it means to some people to just spend a little time with them. Since coming into this ward there are several people coming to church now who hadn't come in a while before for whatever reason but they started coming back when we went over and showed them a little love and shared a message with them and invited them. One family that we were talking to last night asked us, "why do y'all come back every time?" I thought about that and they told us how so many people had judged them in their lives and not thought that they were worth any time--the husband is a diesel mechanic with a big beard and tattoos and usually wears a motorcycle cut-off tee, he's one of the most hard-working, good people I know though. I told my companion after we were driving home something like, "there are so many members--less-active and active, even investigators who I would spend time with even if I weren't a missionary, I'd still want to come over and talk with them--they're just great people." I wish I would have done more of that before the mission. It's amazing how much you can help someone just by listening to them and being their friend. Mom, you've done a good job at that with a lot of neighbors! 
Anyway, that's the random thought of the day. Soooo...
I love y'all! have a good week!
Elder Russell

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