Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I have just fallen in love

weekly update. So there's not a ton to update on. It was a really good week. I love life, it is so great. I've been reading through the Book of Mormon really fast this round and I'm doing a few things to help me study it deeper and understand it better. I just can't think anything other than how much I love that Book! I learn so much from it. You might think the more you read it the less you'll pick up each time but I think I learn more while reading as I reread it. On my mission I have just fallen in love with the Book of Mormon and the New Testament (mainly the Pauline Epistles). Down here I've found so much strength and help with the scriptures. Anyway, that's a kind of random tangent. Well, I love y'all and hope ya have a good week! 
Here's a challenge for anyone who wants to get an answer to anything in their life--take an extra hour during the day (wake up early if you need to) and just read the scriptures while thinking of a challenge in life or a question.  John 5:39
Love y'all
-elder russell

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