Monday, April 21, 2014

"worthy is the lamb that was slain."

This has been a special week. The resurrection has grown so much in meaning to me on my mission. I wondered before my mission what was so important about a body and in rising again and why was it such a big deal that Christ rose in a physical body as opposed to His Spirit?
I don't have a lot of time so I will summarize my testimony. When Adam and Eve partook of the fruit the consequence that had been declared to Adam was brought forth--that he would "surely die." this happened; he physically and spiritually suffered death. We all suffer like consequences for our sins. "for the wages of sin is death" as paul put it (Rom 6:23). That consequence along with sin is everlasting, yes lasting forever (2 nephi 2:5). We were more incapable of paying in full our consequence and reconciling the estrangement than a 6 year old boy who accidentally breaks a window would be of paying the hundereds of dollars it would cost for the young innocent child who is unfamiliar with the consequence to pay the cost. Just as a debt of a bill or fine isn't cleared until it is payed in full, the debt of our fine--death, isn't cleared until it is payed in full. Can we pay it? Can we resurrect ourselves and gain the victory of death? We are incapable. We are unable. We cannot satisfy the laws of justice alone. "O the wisdom of God, his mercy and grace! For behold, if the flesh should rise no more our spirits must become subject to that angel who fell from before the presence of the Eternal God, and became the devil to rise no more" -2 Nephi 9:8. We are resurrected "that thereby [we] may be brought into the presence of the Lord" -Hel 14:15. If we weren't resurrected the debt of our sins would still be on us and we would be found unclean and incapable of dwelling in the presence of God. We would even be unable to be judged of Him. I know that Christ overcame death. "worthy is the lamb that was slain." I love Him. This plan is true and we can through faith become what God has promised. I love y'all. happy resurrection Sunday (Easter).
Elder Russell

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