Monday, April 14, 2014

Music is great.

How'r y'all doin? it's been a good week for us. We did some service this week with our friend named Rob. Rob is pretty interesting. When we first met him he wasn't really open to any kind of religious message or even missionaries but we got to know him and talked to him more and listened to the things that he likes in life and what he's into and the gospel started coming up. Anyway, he puts it best, he's a "work in progress" haha. I think a couple of the times we've had meeting with him he's gone through two beers and 3 or 5 smokes. Haha, he showed us a project he was going to do on his roof. We told him we'd love to help him out. It kind of seemed like a project I wouldn't have dove into by myself but he was pretty confident. It was a connection from his roof of his house to his garage and we had to replace some of the studs and redo the whole top layer and put on a new covering instead of shingles. It was really fun. He's a good guy. The other day before the project he was talking to us on the phone working out some details for the project and he said, "Ya I'll just plan on seeing y'all at 9am on Friday and I have all kinds of jerky and protein bars and stuff and some drinks for y'all. I know you don't do the caffeine thing so I'll getcha some sprite or something, I get the brown drinks for myself. Heck, you mormons are gonna live too long you know that? Heck, I mean, Ya'll are about 20 and... oh 70 more years... 70 more years?" (saying this with a sense pain as he contemplated the idea of how long that was in comparison with his life). Haha, we had to laugh about it. 
We also had a really cool Palm Sunday Easter thing going on at our church yesterday. It was an awesome musical program. I loved it! There is some talent in this area with the members. We has Jacob who's a guy that we're teaching--come with us. He said he really liked it. Music is great. 
well I love y'all! have a good week!
Love, Elder Russell

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