Wednesday, April 2, 2014

God loves His children

Ashley told me! Man, that's crazy!! I LOVE IT! I can't wait for him! That's so awesome!
I still have the weird adrenaline of excitement for him! I love it! ...
Ok so I guess I better give y'all whacha want. Here's a little update of things:
So I'm gonna go random story style here,
This week we ate at one of our favorite member's house and we had the most manly dessert that I've ever had (a peanut butter bacon pie). It was delicioso!  They said that there were 1,000 calories in each serving. Great right? ya, I think the title of the dessert is enough for a man to take his hat off in respect for. Speaking of dessert, this awesome guy who was recently baptized in our area told us how to make koolaide pie. All ya have to do is put a tub of cool-whip and a can of sweetened condensed milk and a packet of unsweetened koolaide in a bowl and mix it until it gets thick and then you pour it in a pie crust. Then you just go to Popeye's or Church's chicken (or KFC if you're in Utah) and get yourself some fried chicken and ya got a meal. Then if you wanna take it a step further you make some jambalaya to go with it (and add slap ya mama sauce as needed). Anyway, to avoid making mom feel nervous every morning me and my companion started eating spinich smoothies. They actually are pretty good if you mix it with a banana or something. Ok next random story not about food. (by the way I know a lot of my pictures are of food or me eating food or food being made but that's just because the only time I have my camera with me and can take pictures seems to be when I'm in the kitchen).
So we had a cool experience this weekend--actually a couple cool ones. But we had records of a new member come into the ward from our ward mission leader and so we called the new member and he said he wanted to have lunch with us. We got to talk to him and get to know him. He has the coolest conversion story. He grew up in south Dakota  and while growing up he got into a meditation class and in his late teens I think it was he was meditating on what to do in life and where to go and got an answer that he should go to Utah. he also learned by this means of meditation (which was pretty much a form of prayer and listening to the Spirit) that the communication he received was from Jesus Christ. He learned that personal revelation is real and that God love His children. Anyway, he then moved to Utah with almost nothing and received revelation to go to a Presbyterian church. he went to it and received some good fellowship. Their church (being in Utah) had on their pamphlets a comparison of their beliefs next to the beliefs of our church. He was exposed to a lot of the church. He eventually was going to school in Utah (at the U or BYU I forgot which one at this point) and he had some friends from the LDS church and they sent missionaries over. He heard the message that they taught and he read the assigned reading they gave him of Moroni 10:3-5 which tells to pray after reading if the book was true. He prayed about the Book of Mormon, asking God if it was true. He told us in his own words, "Yeah, I prayed after reading Moroni 10:3-5 and got an answer that the Book was true and I thought, 'hmm, well that's odd, I mean it sounded kind of far-fetched,' but then I told them and I prayed about a date to be baptized and he said his answer was stuck between two days of which I couldn't make up my mind" The missionaries found out those two days happened to be a Saturday and a Sunday (usually converts are baptized on a Saturday and then confirmed on a Sunday). He just took off from there. He's got such a strong testimony. He told us how he had had questions his whole life about things and they weren't answered until he learned about them in the church. He was telling us how lucky we are to just know those truths our whole lives. We invited him to come teach the Cole family with us on Sunday (yesterday) and we all bore our testimonies about the Book of Mormon to them. Unfortunately the Cole's won't read the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray about it, so we're not going to continue meeting with them. It's really sad. There's so much available to them and they would make perfect members! They're some of the best people I've met, and certainly among the smartest when it comes to the Bible. I loved meeting with them. I hope they are able to receive it sometime in the future. 
Well, it's been a great week. I love y'all. I know the church is true. The book of mormon testifies of Jesus Christ. It's true. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world! Do all you can to share it and to have the love of God more in y'all's lives!
Love, Elder Russell

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