Monday, December 30, 2013

transferred into another area

So I can give y'all a quick update I don't have a lot of time today. So I got transferred into another area. I'm now in ClearLake kind of by League City. It's just south of Houston. My new companion is Elder Baird. He's from Provo, Utah. He's awesome! We're loving the new area. It's a new area, the ward used to be just sister missionaries but now we hopped in too. The Ward has some awesome members! We've only met some of them but I love it already. It's good to see some full size families now! 
So this week has been a really really long one. So much has happened but it's been all good! We had a really good Christmas meeting as a mission yesterday. it was so fun! I got to see Ephraim's rescue. That's an awesome show. Mom, I remembered some of the stories you had told me about him when I watched the movie. I loved that movie though. 
Well, I gotta get going but I love y'all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Elder Russell

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