Monday, December 9, 2013

He takes us out of the 'hole' that we dig for ourselves if we do everything we can. He loves us so much

So first off, those pictures I sent are from a relief society thing we sang at. It was really good. We've taught some really great people this week. Zach is doing great as always. He's progressing really well. He's really smart. He's going to get baptized on January 11th. He's going to be out of town for a few weeks but he gets back on the 11th. He said, "Hey Elders is there any way that I can get baptized right when I get back from the airport? We're blessed to be teaching him. Some other people we met this week are Richawnda and her daughter Arisia and their neighbor Princess (cool names huh?). We were going to teach her son as well but I think he got kicked out of the house. They're a great family though. I'll update you on them next week. We also taught a really cool lesson with this guy named Heribel. When we met with him we were talking about baptism and challenges he's going through. The lesson was really guided by the Spirit. Every time we'd pull out a scripture or something he told us how that hit him really hard. He told us how he was hesitant to make a big choice or to be committed to baptism or church because he felt like he would just fail.  We were prompted to give him an analogy of how his life was at that moment and I started explaining it, "Heribel, so think of things this way, imagine yourself in this hole and.." and then he interrupted and said, "Exactly! I kept thinking of that" and he told us how he had been thinking that before. Then I explained, "you don't want to try to climb out of the hole because you know that on your own you can't. You know that you'll just fall back in. But I want to tell you that when you do every thing you can, you'll get almost to the top and right when you may feel you're just about to fall in Christ will reach out His hand and pull you up. He fills in where we cannot. He takes us out of the 'hole' that we dig for ourselves if we do everything we can. He loves us so much He will do that for us." (this may not sound as good as it did in the moment, when the Spirit is there touching all of our hearts it makes the analogy make more sense and it was really spiritual haha:) We had a really good week. Anyway, I gotta get going. I love y'all and hope ya have a good week!
love, Elder Russell

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