Monday, July 29, 2013

I learned the Hebrew alphabet

Ya that guy with parkinsons is a really great example. He invites us to a place called 'Fiesta' (it's a grocery store with a ton of different foods from different cultures, I've never seen any white people in there besides us haha). But while we're there he always points out his friends and people he wants us to talk to. The other day he had us there for lunch and when we were talking he said, "look over behind you to that man and say 'Hola' to him" so we started talking and he ended up being a Christian-Jew and we 'discussed' a lot of different Gospel principles together.
So, on Saturday we had our ward cultural night (it's an activity we started planning about 2 months ago). We had people bring different foods from all over and they invited their neighbors and friends. It was way cool. We got to eat food from Liberia, Eritrea, Argentina, England, Tonga, Brazil, and a lot of other places. A popular food they eat in a lot of African countries is Kisuda. You take some of this flat-bread stuff (i forgot what it's called) and wrap it around some meat. It's really good. We also tried this weird drink from Brazil that pretty much tastes like hot water with grass in it...
Anyway. Random cool thing this week. I learned the Hebrew alphabet. One of the people we teach speaks it and told me I should learn it so I figured if we ask him to read, come to church, and pray, I could do something he wanted me to haha. There's also this member in our ward that is Mormon but he's kind of Jewish in a weird way too... So I was talking to him yesterday about Hebrew stuff in Genesis and I found out he's related to us! He's a discendant from the Belnaps. so that was pretty cool. But It's been a good week. Oh and Thank you for the package! I loved it, those swedish fish were great!
Hope y'all have a great week. Thanks for all ya do. I love ya.
Elder Russell

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