Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Hey do you know anyone who we could share a happy message centered on Jesus Christ?"

So I'll try and let ya know of some of the highlights for the week:
Hilario's doing really good. we've had some amazing lesson's with him in the past week. He knows Hebrew so we always talk a ton about the old testament and he gives little insights on some of the words and stuff, it's pretty cool. We've started to study with him on some of the days during the week in the mornings. He's really smart and asks really good questions. I love learning/teaching/studying. I could do that all day!! (kind of do)
We met this cool guy the other day named Leo. He's from the Carribean somewhere. He has dreds and was just sitting on some stairs as we started talking with him. we found out he used to sell drugs and be addicted really bad and lived in a pretty rough situation but was able to change through a realization of God and His love for Him. He said God changed him. we talked to him for a while and expressed views and we taught him the restoration.
We've been trying really hard to talk to EVERYONE we see lately. It's been pretty cool with the miracles we've seen. The other day we were walking back to our car after an appointment that fell through and there wasn't anyone around, only a lady and her friend up on the third story of an apartment so it would have been really awkward if we tried to talk to her but I decided to anyway. I yelled up something like, "Hey do you know anyone who we could share a happy message centered on Jesus Christ?" and she was like, "ya, me" so we went up and taught her.
Anyway, a lot of other miracles have been happening. It's been a fun week, I'm finn'n to have another great one. I'm low on time so I gotta go. We also went to the temple today, that's why I emailed today instead of the usual (monday). Love y'all, have a good week.
Elder Russell

Tee Hee yes this is my son.

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