Monday, July 22, 2013

ask me about mormonism

Hey Fam, Did ya get my box full of junk that I sent with the Rees'? (Sorry it didn't have anything very exciting in it, I just really wanted to keep all those letters y'all sent me but was running out of room for them. I love reading those.) Sounds like a fun night at temple square, haha that's one of those stories that kind of makes me stressed out reading it, haha you have such a good attitude mom, I love you. I'm glad you still had fun. I think I might be able to empathize with you a little bit, a lot of times we spend good time planning our 'perfect day' but then everyone falls through on their appointments and different things come up haha, but in the end it works out. Grandma and Grandpa are home! That's so crazy! I can't imagine how good it was for them to see everyone and for everyone to see them! And to top it off with McDonalds! That sounds like an amazing night;) So Chloee pretty much goes with you everywhere it seems like! Man, I love that! that's way cool. Good to hear that Mark is doing really good still. That's also way exciting about the Wilburg's! I really like that family, I don't know if you remember but I home-taught them for a while. That really is just awesome! 
Well, this last week was pretty good! We've got to spend a little more time with the members. One family in particular I've really grown to love. They're an older couple (probably 70 or 80) but man, they are on fire with missionary work. The husbands name is Frank. He and she are both converts. He has a really interesting life story. I wish I could tell you it but because of time I don't think I can. Anyway, to describe him a little, he wears a 'ask me about mormonism' pin on his shirt everywhere he goes and gives pass-along cards to everyone! He has Parkinson's disease so it's really hard for him to talk and walk but he's always out and about. The main thing I love about him is his love for others. He took one member of the ward who converted and was kind of struggling in life and he made him his best friend. He takes him out to eat all of the time and involves him in his missionary work and now he's a solid great member of the ward who very well could have fallen away. Pres. Gordon B. Hinckly said that every member needs 3 things. The nourishment of the good word of God, A calling, and fellowship. 
On sunday when we were in Priesthood meeting we were introducing the visitors to the ward as usual and a few men stood up and said something probably like, "I'm from Utah, I got married, now I'm here." but one guy said, "I'm going through some hard times and probably with be here a while." I thought he was just a member visiting or something but we later talked to him and found out he had come down here to Houston from SLC with his brand new baby and wife and he sold everything to get down here and then they had some troubles and got divorced and now he's homeless and barely hanging in there. So he GPS'd a church and randomly found ours. We planned to start teaching him and the best part is a member in our ward was fellowshipping him since he arrived at church at went with him from each meeting. I thought they had known each other before with how well they got along. But it was just an awesome miracle. We are meeting with him this week, I'll let ya know how it goes. We also have an awesome activty for our ward this week. It's a cultural night where everyone that has any relation with a certain country brings a food dish from that country and there will be cultural activities and stuff. It'll be awesome since there are so many diversities here. I hope I get to eat something weird. Well, have a good week. I'll see y'all later! Love ya!
Elder Russell 

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