Monday, June 3, 2013

love for the scriptures

Haha it's crazy to think how old everyone is now. That'll be a lot of
fun staying in that Condo.
Ok, so what? A chinese boy is staying with you for a few weeks?!
what?! that's awesome! That'll be so fun! His name's Mei yu? That'll
be an awesome experience for you guys!
So this week was pretty good. On Tuesday (which was our P-day) we
shopped at the Welcome Market (which is a grocery store in China-town
that has awesome food from asian countries) and we bought a ton of
food that we thought would be interesting to eat (and it was). They
have some different kinds of food there, like goat and duck heads and
chicken feet and pig hooves. Then we ate at this chinese smoothy place
and they put Boba's in the bottom of the shake (they're like little
tapioca balls). Later during the week we had to take our car into a
shop to take car of a little dent that's been there for a long time
(don't worry it wasn't from me). So... we were on bikes for a couple
days. It was pretty fun but it was so hot! Most days it's been 95-100
We've been thinking of ways we can help the members of our ward to get
involved more in missionary work and we came up with some cool ideas.
One of them was to do a cultural dinner night and have anyone that
served a mission or is from a foreign country to bring a dish from
that country and pictures from that place. Then we'll have some fun
activities and hopefully we can all invite people and meet some of the
members' friends--If you can think of any other ideas let me know.
We're still working with Halario and the Lowes. the Lowes are going to
be gone for a while so we'll pick back up with them later. We've also
taught a lady named Agnas. She speaks Yuroba (luckily we had a Book of
Mormon in that language) and we've taught her a couple times, she's
pretty nice. She kind of reminds me of a smurf (not in a mean way).
She's funny.
This last week, I don't know what it is, but I have grown such a love
for the scriptures. In all my free time I'm reading and I get excited
whenever I get a chance to read them. There's a really cool article in
an Ensign from last year--I don't know what month it's from--that
talks about the translation of the Bible. It's really cool. We just
have so much available to us that hasn't been available before. We
have more scriptures and resources to learn from than anyone did
before us that I can think of. I could spend all day reading, it's
just exciting to learn.
Well I love y'all and hope ya have a good week. 
Elder Russell

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