Monday, June 24, 2013

safety for the soul

This week I've been working with Elder Campell and Elder Lupton in a tri-panionship. It's actually been really fun haha. We've been trying to work both their areas and my area. It's crazy but it's kind of working. We've been teaching an awesome guy named Devon. He's the most redneck guy i've met, he's so funny. When we teach him somehow he always leads the lessons into him talking about 'torque wrenches and cars', or him being '500 pounds and the fastest kid on his football team in 7th grade'. He's funny. Another person we've been teaching is Nathaniel. He's a 14 year old kid that just got out of jail and wanted us to teach him. He's really humble, just had a really rough life. He's really smart and is loving the lessons. Hilario is learning a lot too. We taught him a lesson the other day about the Book of Mormon and watched "safety for the soul" by Elder Holland. It was way good. Elder Campell is a Vietnamese speaking missionary but he's serving in the English area so he takes us to some cool restaurants. He's also been trying to teach us some Vietnamese... man it's hard. Oh did I ever tell y'all I gave myself a haircut? Yep, I did. It turned out alright. haha I actually gave 3 other missionaries haircuts too. Well, i'm running really short on time so sorry this email isn't very long but thanks for the letters and everything. I'm Finn'n to send you a package soon. maybe next week. Have a good one! Love ya guys
Elder Russell

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