Tuesday, May 14, 2013

still had an amazing testimony

Well, you've probably all been waiting to hear this news I have to tell you. It is very exciting. I have a witness (my companion) that it actually happened... I can finally do a one-armed pull-up! haha (even with the 15 pounds of extra weight (it's all muscle of course...;))
This morning we went to the Houston Temple. It was really neat, that temple is beautiful. It was so good going there! It's so weird being used to having so many temples so close in Utah and then here you have to drive a ways. (You're so lucky in Utah to have so many) It felt so good even just being on the temple grounds. Anyway, that's why I sent this email today instead of Monday like I usually do.
Some of the highlights last week:
1. On one of the nights, I think it may have been thruday or friday, but we were on our way to try some people we had planned on and on the way Elder Brown remembered a less-active guy that we passed and he said we should visit him. We parked and got out and knocked on the door. We asked for Bob (that was the guy's name) and he said he wasn't home so we started telling this guy about who we were and what we were doing "we're missionaries from his church..." and he said, "actually let me go see if he's asleep." then this guy came out from the other side of the house and he looked like some of the people I worked with back at Mckay Demo (Biker vest, old shirt, grandma length and styled hair, and old 70's glasses and a weight-lifting glove) We started talking with him and we found out he's a trucker (suprising..) and we got to know him more. He told us stories of his life--of him going to school, where he went to school, his conversion story--he still had an amazing testimony. Later he told us of how he's really into food storage and taught himself how to can food and dehydrate food. He gave us a tub of some homemaid raisins (which were amazing) and some homemaid  canned Picante sauce (which was almost as good as your salsa mom;) He turned out being an awesome guy and he told us about his neighbor who he wanted to do missionary work with and now we're starting to help him with that.  
2. We did an exchange but neither Elder Brown or I had to leave because it was with a tri-panionship, we just stole one of the companions from them. This was on friday. In the morning it was raining really hard. We prayed that it'd let up enough so we could visit some people. It did when we were done studying. We did some service at the senior center we usually go to about once a week and we were helping clean up the lunch they had eatin... I was about to type this story down but I'm deciding right now I'm not going to haha.
well anyway next highlight
3. Mothers day. Church was great, we got to visit with our friends Betty and David (who are some people we're teaching right now). They're awesome. And of course it was awesome being able to talk with Family! thanks for making time to do that! It was so good to hear from everyone! It feels like I saw y'all yesterday, time is flying by.
This week is Elder Brown's last one. It's crazy. It'll be a good one, he's an awesome companion! Keep praying that for us it's helping a lot.
Love you guys, have a great week! Make sure you're taking advantage of the amazing resources we have to grow from (Gen. Conference, Scriptures, Lds.org, Prayer). I'll talk with ya next week.
Elder Russell

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