Monday, May 6, 2013

How would you define faith?

Hello family,
Thanks for the prayers! I know they're helping. Ya the rain is all dried up now (and my planner is too). Happy birthday Melissa! (and all the birthday's in May). Ya Bing is progressing well. His baptismal date is on June 1st. he's really smart. last week during one of our lessons I asked him, "so Bing, how would you define faith?" and I didn't know what to expect since he's grown up in an agnostic society and we haven't told him very much about faith. But he said something like, "faith is the knowledge or believe you have in something that's true and when you don't know for sure you have faith and that is how you know it's true" It was pretty funny haha, he learns really fast. We also had another lesson with a guy who was a brain surgeon in China and came down here for a fancy Scholar visit or something like that. He's also very smart. When we talked to him about prayer we told him how much Heavenly Father loves us and how He wants to hear from us and the things we want and need help with and are thankful for. then he was like, ok ... "God, show me the parifilation of the lung cancer cell" (along with some other fancy medical terms) "amen" haha. it is amazing how much faith these people we teach have.
So on saturday we baptized a kid named Dmitry from Russia. his family moved here and his Mom and sister were baptized but not him, he was just nervous and stuff but is very smart. He knows all about baptism and can answer all the questions in primary. It was an awesome experience. The Spirit was really strong at his baptism. Everything else has gone pretty well this past week. One thing we're really trying to focus on is working better with the ward members and the ward council. One very effective way of getting new people to teach is through the friends and family of the members. I want to get our ward pumped about missionary work, it's such a blessing to be participants in sharing the message of happiness with everyone, it's so rewarding.there are some awesome families that help us a lot but I think we could defienitly do better. If you could pray that my companion and me will be able to work better with the ward members it'd help a lot. thanks. Oh and for the skype on Mothers day, just expect an email from a guy with the last name of "Newcomer" they are our ward mission leaders and we planned to do it at their house. They can work out the time and whatever else there is. haha. Thanks for the email. I love you guys. thank you for everyone who sends me emails and letters, I love getting them!
-Elder Russell.

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