Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Hey Mom and Dad!!!! Wow! hahaha, the pictures all look so great!!! i
can't believe how much everyone is changing! Even you guys, mom and
dad, I see you're clothes styles are changing a bit, dad's got new
glasses, and stuff like that!! Sharp! I can't believe how much we all
change. Even I myself, I know, have changed a lot too! Crazy..
Thanks for all the updates etc about the family! Nate's getting
married soon! Hope it all goes well!! Should be good!
That's cool about your guys marriage get away! Sounds like it went
good! Hopefully you guys learned a lot and had a great time!
Wow, I didn't know about Gazelem either! Interesting! Wait a minute,
brad wilcox..... did you guys already know him?
That's good to hear that Scott and melissa's dance went well. Yeah,
they're growing way fast. Wow, Scott ought to be able to send in his
papers soon, eh? I think it was march when I sent mine in, and I think
I got it at the first of april or something. Whenever we did that big
party at Loy Blake park with rotary and interact.
Well, yea. Kiribati's grammar is soooooo easy. But yeah, the
pronounciation is way different. To the point where you ask a person
to say a word slowly, and you hear the different sounds. Then they say
it normally, and you literally can't pick out certain sounds. Just
because of the nature of the way vowels are spoken. They kind of speak
out of a different part of their throat that you speak english in.
It's interesting. It's easier once you get the accent down though.
Gift of tongues is definitely a necessity. Especially in order to be
able to learn the language quickly enough in the short period of two
years that we have to serve in.
This week has been good! We've worked hard, seen lots of blessings!
Seen improvement! We've had a lot of good referrals lately. I think I
might have already mentioned Tebaakaro. But I'll explain his situation
a little bit. He randomly came back from Butaritari to live with his
parents here. His parents got baptized about a month ago. He's in a
really good situation to be taught. Elder Hanks is also growing a lot,
he taught pretty much the entire lesson to Tebaakaro the other day on
Plan of Salvation premortal life through till The Atonement. We got a
random referral for this one girl named Beiaa. She's very prepared,
she's been to church multiple times. She kind of lost contact with
missionaries somehow after having moved around a bit but got back with
em right before moving to our area. So, we contacted her on Saturday
and she came to church on Sunday, she's doing awesome, the ward
welcomed her in really good. She went into the chapel, sat down by no
one. We saw her a few minutes later and she had two other members of
the YSA sitting by her (she's 18). She said she really loved church
later that day. We're trying to get Nei Baroia to lesson with us with
her, Nei baroia is a member, 19 years old also. Elder Hanks and I have
been studying chapter 13 a bit this week as part of 12 week program.
It's so true, every new member needs a friend. Chapter 13 is awesome,
lots of good stuff in it. yeah we're trying to use a few more of the
ideas in that chapter right now in our work. It's so true, joining the
church is a big sacrifice. It's important that we support new members
and try to help join them into the social circle of the ward or
branch. Those were just a few of the things we learned from the
We've also had many chances this week to search the scriptures for
more support on the doctrines of the Gospel. We've been teaching two
houses from the 7th day adventists. They always want multiple
scriptural support on the doctrines we teach. We've found a lot of way
good scriptures in peter, job, hebrews, alma and many other books.
It's been pretty cool, way fun too!
Well, I gotta go soon!! Love you all!! Thanks for everything!!! have a
good week!!! Love ya! - ELder SEffker

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