Friday, May 12, 2017

they've finally been able to be baptized

This last week has been good! Not sure if you guys did indeed get my
email, but in case you didn't, last week I talked about one of our
investigator families. The husband is named T, the wife
K, and the daughter, K. They got baptized this week after
all!! After years of waiting, they've finally been able to be
baptized! And they were way ready! It was such a priviledge being able
to teach them!! Well, any way, apart from that, not too much happened
this week. The people here are way nice. This one lady gave me my
first kie the other day. (grass mat people sit and sleep on here). I
asked here the price, cause usually people buy them, but she was just
like "no price. You can carry it from place to place, and when you get
home you can tell your parents that it was a gift from your kiribati
parents. Any way, yeah the people here are wayyyyy nice. It's also
part of the culture here, like if a person walks past your buia you
invite them to sit down. Any way. Things are going good here.
Yesterday we had to bike 32.5 miles(according to my companion),
because apparently motorcycles are in fact not yet approved, as is
contrary to what we thought. Just taking sacrament to people, and
running churches. It was really good though, surprisingly it wasn't
actually that big of deal (which ought to explain something about how
much biking we actually do here in Kiribati). Well any way. I got the
package with the chex mix and blueberry biscuits. Unfortunately the
rats had gotten to the chex mix, but I ate it any way (just kidding,
maybe). But the biscuits were unscathed, which were way delicious!!!
That was a taste I hadn't tasted in a long time! Any way, love y'all!
Hope this email goes through! - ELder SEffker

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