Friday, January 15, 2016

cool stuff happened

well I had a good week, had some cool things happen  her some of the letter I gave to Pte M. so this has been an interesting week for me, something awesome that happened is we were able to go out and work, me and Elder G, we had a good day and we found some cool new people to visit and in one of the lessons we invited a less active Mom and her daughter, an investigator, to church and they would have gone to something else but since we invited them they came to Church. It was the first time for the investigator and she is a really prepared person, she says she wants to get baptized and the Mom really was scared to go to Church again I think but she knew she needed the Sacrament, while we taught her she expressed a problem she has been having in her family and she mentioned how in her prayers it is like she is fighting with the Lord, I don't know why she brought that up exactly, maybe it was the Spirit helping her voice her need a little bit and so we could help her. we were able to make a cool connection with Enos and she really liked it and we explained how we have to be patient and do our part in receiving an answer, and have faith, just like Enos and so I think that helped her a lot and then she showed up in Church and the talks were on fasting and prayer and the person that gave the talk on prayer said a really cool prayer example and the hermana liked it a lot and she whispered something to me while we were there listening like hey this is what we were just talking about how cool
So yeah lots of cool stuff happened, I was really happy that one of our recent converts came that I thought wouldn't, it seems like he is doing really good. 
Sketching my companions!

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