Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Gospel is the way to live happy

my Sunday was good, it rained a bit but it was good. I like the rain just the Paraguayans dont like it very much even though it rains pretty often. this week was all good I think everyday was a good one, we found some interesting people, one is named Lalo and I bet they will come to Church next time, it is just that it rained. They are cool one is really nice but hasnt accepted anything from the message yet for some problems he has with one of the commandments. He told us he has read the pearl of great price, d and c and the Book of Mormon already. He is actually pretty smart yet he just needs to pray about one of the commandments. the other named Lalo is super cool and he understands fairly well the Bible and wants to pray about the Book of Mormon. He says so that will be cool to see if he does. It was fun explaining to them how I know the Church is true, I just explained the prayer part, I started sorting things in my head and sort of just put everything I knew on the line and I really wanted to know if God wanted me here in this Church and if it really is His Church, He told me when I put in a bit of faith and prayed sincerely, I just felt really good then a bunch of cool things happened later that showed be the Church is true and why we need the Church. 
That knowledge must not be perfect because I have had to have faith but I can say I know the Church is true the things I do know fit together well. 
The Gospel is the way to live happy, this week I have been focusing on that a bit, and how to really help people in the best way. I am getting better at what I say but there is always room for improvement I think. I am learning better what is repentance by experience now, sometimes my prayers are really intense and joyful, I feel like the Lord wants me back in His presence a lot and like everything I pass is for my good. I found a cool scripture about that in my study this week it is in doctrine and covenants 38;2,7,8 but yeah that is what I was thinking then I found that it is a good scripture and something that helps me want to change and be better is thinking of how I will feel as I finish life. well I know that the Church is true love you guys  

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