Wednesday, October 21, 2015

thanks it sounds like you are all doing good. this week was a good one. I learned some things I never thought about before, like some cool counsel I received and some deep doctrine stories I heard. Anyway we have some people that look like they are progressing, one person named A is a little girl that will most likely get baptized, she is really funny and her aunt seems to be reactivating also, I am happy for them it is cool to see them progress as a family, they are fun to visit and teach. Another person we found this week came to Church she just needed a little help and a ride to Church and she hasnt come in like 2 years, she is older but she has an awesome testimony that she told us, where she described how she died and they sent her back, she had prayed that she would be able to raise her kids and so she had, now though it is a bit sad because she is separated and we noticed she was crying a bit before we dropped by to visit, she feels bad sometimes, she cant do a lot by herself and probably feels really alone. we explained the obvious, how God doesn't leave us alone, and I think it helped her but her coming to Church was really great for her. Church was cool for me too, I really have to think hard to feel good sometimes, and it just shows how much I need the Gospel, in the second class we had I was trying to really enjoy things and focus on what the Lord was saying, It was cool how the Spirit testifies of simple things like ´´the Lord can change a heart´´ that is something that stood out to me in the lesson because I think that is what I needed to hear. and that little phrase helped me feel and understand better the Atonement, that stuff is priceless it is impossible to teach with out the Spirit.  this week was a good one, we had a good time in Church, just a bit at a time the Church here has been growing 

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