Monday, December 29, 2014

The happiest person I know / getting ready for baptism

ahhhhhhh thanks for all the pictures it looks like you all had a really fun time, so did I. by the way I dont have a better tan i think  that you guys are casting judgement to soon. I was in a computer place that is not well lit, so it only appears that way. it sounds like you all enjoyed the season as i did as well, the usually things are good, i dont think i enjoyed them enough but i am enjoying my life now that is what is important. I think I waisted time trying to look forward to the future before loving the present, but not a big deal to most people, i am just saying this because i think its pretty hard to change unless you choose to. well i hopé you all enjoy the wonderful marvioulous glorious season-  this was a good week we got to teach the lesson in church and that is one of the things I learned. The lesson was on,  basically work. I learned that our work is important because it is not just our work, we can work for something better than our own purposes and get better blessings. The happiest person I know works a lot I am sure, He created the earth. I have a testimony that we will be most happy as we serve the Lord. there is that one scripture that says -if you lose yourself you will find yourself- basically I know we will find ourselves as children of God if we keep the commandments, I have shared this but I love this scripture D&C 93:28 (He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light , until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things.) it is cool because it tells just one of the blessings we can have if we keep the commandments. I know that Heavenly Father wants us to serve because He knows it will bring a good deal of happiness to a lot of people Moses 1:39
Love you see ya
Elder N. H. Seffker

not a lot of time for a long update today.Ya it was good to see y'all too! I Don't think I had much of a chance with the "tanness" contest with Nate. Haha, Maybe on P-day today we'll have to go to a tanning bed (just kidding). 
It was a good week. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! 
We've been working a lot with Mike lately. He's doing good. He's getting ready for baptism. Well haha, I don't have a lot of time sorry. But I love y'all! 
love, Elder Russell

a few pictures...
one is a large lemon a member gave us a lot of
another one is a random thing I drew on a missionary's pillow case who was leaving (he wanted everyone to draw something
another is of me and some missionaries I came out with.

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